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Speaker manufacturers explain USB speakers in detail

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First, let's take a look at USB speakers. A USB speaker is a speaker in which the digital audio signal is directly input into the speaker from the USB port on the motherboard, and then the signal is processed through the built-in D/A conversion circuit of the speaker and then output. Then use the USB speaker to restore the sound.

On the surface, the advantage of USB speakers is that they can improve the sound quality. I believe everyone has a misunderstanding about this. Because the digital signal will not be interfered in the transmission process, the purity of the signal is good, but the core of the USB speaker is the D/A conversion circuit, and its conversion accuracy has a great impact on the performance of the speaker. D/A conversion is currently popular on the market. There are two kinds of circuits, 16bit and 20bit. Of course, the latter is better. This data is much worse than the audiophile power amplifier (because it is impossible to use expensive modules). So this will cause everyone to misunderstand that the sound quality of USB speakers is not good.

Speaker manufacturers explain USB speakers in detail

Another disadvantage is that the disadvantage of USB speakers is that the CPU usage is high, and the old motherboards do not support USB. You don't need to buy a sound card to buy a USB speaker, but it will not be able to achieve functions that require hardware such as EAX and hard wavetables.

Finally, the audio power directly output from the motherboard is generally not high, so there is no way to promote better quality USB speakers to restore the sound. In addition, foreign famous brand HiFi boxes have basically no USB design, so friends who have high requirements for sound quality do not need to consider USB speakers.
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