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Bluetooth Speaker Encyclopedia

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1. What is a wireless bluetooth speaker?
Wireless Bluetooth is the use of Bluetooth technology to transfer music to the speaker for operation and playback. Compared with traditional speakers, it saves the trouble of wiring and pays more attention to practicality and portability for people who love to move!

2. So what is the sound quality of the wireless bluetooth speaker?
Wireless Bluetooth audio is no different from traditional audio in terms of sound quality. The key is its free and flexible portability so that the playback effect on different occasions will have a wonderful performance. Its portability is very convenient, and it can be said to be the smallest portable Bluetooth speaker in history.

3. How far is the effective distance used with Bluetooth devices?
A better wireless Bluetooth audio speaker has a good high-fidelity effect. Under normal circumstances, the effective distance is within 10 meters, and the wall penetration effect is relatively poor. The latest generation of Bluetooth 4.0 is better and more energy-efficient, and there will be greater breakthroughs in the future. A distance of about 10 meters can basically guarantee the home needs of general users!

4. How to operate? Can I cut the song and adjust the volume?

Just turn on the power switch, short press the "Power" button in the power-on state, switch to Bluetooth mode, you can hear the prompt sound, and the blue indicator light starts to flash at the same time, the speaker enters the Bluetooth device search state.

Bluetooth Speaker Encyclopedia

When the Bluetooth connection is made for the first time, Bluetooth pairing is required. When pairing, the device must be in the Bluetooth search state, and then turn on the mobile phone or laptop to add the Bluetooth device (the device name of the device is BT Speaker), and the pairing password is "0000". After the connection is successful, you can play the music in your mobile phone or computer via Bluetooth connection (some smart phones do not need to enter the pairing password); short press the "previous song" or "next song" button to adjust the volume. Long press the "Previous" or "Next" button to adjust the volume.

5. What equipment is compatible?
All devices that carry Bluetooth functions can be used with wireless Bluetooth speakers. In order to ensure the perfect performance of the sound quality, it is recommended to use with Apple, Nokia, HTC and other mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.

6. Can a desktop or laptop be used without Bluetooth?
The same is true, you can connect directly with an audio cable, or you can play pure and beautiful music with a Bluetooth transmitter!

7. How long does the general wireless Bluetooth audio speaker need to be charged and how long can it play music?
This depends on the capacity of the Bluetooth audio battery, the capacity is different, and the charging time is also different.

8. How to charge and can it be used while charging?
Use the standard USB data cable to connect to the computer, or use the mobile phone USB charger. It does not affect normal use when charging (in this state, it can be understood as a USB speaker, but the sound source can be other Bluetooth devices in addition to the computer)

8. The technical principle of wireless Bluetooth
Bluetooth, the English name is Bluetooth, is a radio technology that supports short-distance communication between devices. Bluetooth is used for devices above the 2.4GHz frequency band that are universal in the world. Bluetooth is divided into 79 sub-bands in the 2.4GHz frequency band. When working, Bluetooth will use 79 evenly spaced 1MHz channels for frequency hopping, and rely on Short packet technology for communication. When the Bluetooth technology is working, it uses a distributed network structure, namely high-speed frequency hopping and time division multiple access technologies, which are the easiest way to link several digital devices in a mesh form within a short distance. As for the transmission distance, Bluetooth is a short-distance transmission technology, and its transmission distance is generally within 10 meters. However, Bluetooth has one advantage, that is, the power is low, so currently we see that the adapters for Bluetooth audio speakers are generally not large.
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