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The main features of active speakers

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Active speakers have the following three characteristics:

1. The cost is low, and the price is easily accepted
The case of an independent external power amplifier should have sufficient mechanical strength and good shielding. The cost of some well-made cases often reaches 15-20% of the total cost. The power amplifier of the active speaker is set inside the speaker, which has one less casing than the power amplifier, and the cost can be greatly reduced. In terms of power amplifier circuits, external power amplifiers generally use discrete components, which have better sound quality but higher cost, complex installation and debugging, and greater production difficulties. Active speakers generally use power integrated circuits, which are low in price, simple in design, generally do not need to be debugged, and have complete protection functions and are easy to mass produce. This further reduces the cost of active speakers. In terms of wire, the price of high-quality audio wire is quite expensive. Active speakers only need one speaker cable, while ordinary speakers need at least one pair, which in turn reduces the cost of active speakers a lot.

The main features of active speakers

2. Simple to connect and easy to use
Active speakers greatly simplifies the audio system, so the connection is simple, only a walkman and a pair of active speakers can form the simplest audio system, and there are only two connections.

3. Eliminate the trouble of matching
The matching of audio equipment is very important, especially the matching of amplifiers and speakers. There are many manufacturers of audio equipment with different styles. If matched properly, the styles of each equipment can complement each other and produce a satisfactory sound. If it is not matched properly, it is either harsh or soft as mud. It is very difficult for ordinary consumers to be familiar with the characteristics of many manufacturers' equipment. The power amplifier and speakers of active speakers are produced by the same manufacturer, and sometimes even designed by the same person. The matching problem can be solved before leaving the factory, saving users the trouble.
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