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How to improve the performance of speakers

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How to improve the performance of speakers
As computers enter the multimedia era, multimedia speakers have begun to become a standard configuration of a computer. Considering the positioning of the multimedia market and its role, the sound quality and expressiveness of ordinary multimedia speakers are always unsatisfactory compared with audio equipment that pursues effects. For people in general applications, those speakers can already meet their requirements, and for audiophiles, they simply look down on these multimedia speakers. This article is aimed at computer players who are not audiophiles, but are not satisfied with the speakers they use.

Multimedia speakers on the market now generally have a 2.0 or X.1 structure. The effect of these speakers is generally acceptable to ordinary people, but due to their positioning and cost control reasons, there are also common problems. The cabinet material is thin, which is easy to cause undesirable resonance or resonance; the quality of the speaker unit is poor, or the auxiliary design is poor, resulting in a lack of sound performance; the crossover point is not set properly, and the high and low sounds are not ideal; and the material, the power amplifier circuit components Insufficient materials, poor performance of the power/op amp IC used, and insufficient transformer output power are common problems. Such problems are common in multimedia speakers. When you have bought a pair of such speakers earlier and are not satisfied with its performance, have you ever thought of improving it yourself? In line with our DIY spirit of "spend less, do more, and do good", let's discuss the methods for correcting the defects of the current mainstream price of multimedia speakers (below 1,000 yuan).

How to improve the performance of speakers

The cabinet design is a congenital problem, but it can be compensated for. Reinforcing and adding sound-absorbing cotton are simple but effective methods.
The problem of thin material can be solved by reinforcement (of course, it is not replaced, if you want to replace it, it is better to buy a new one). If you find that your speaker resonates when playing back low-frequency sound, you can properly strengthen the speaker . The material of the box is generally medium density fiberboard, and we can use the same material to reinforce the box. Reinforcement is divided into reinforced beams and reinforced corners. Generally, speakers with less severe resonance can be placed on the sides of the mid-woofer speaker, that is, the left and right sides of the speaker when viewed from the front, and paste 12 square centimeters to 20. Square centimeter fiber sheet reinforcement blocks (these reinforcement blocks can be sawed by themselves). In addition to the above-mentioned places where the resonance is more serious, it is necessary to paste fiber board reinforcement blocks (strips) on the four corners of the box and the inner sides of the upper and lower parts. The four corners of the reinforcement block should be tightly attached to the corners of the box, and the length of the upper and lower reinforcement strips is determined by the width of the box, and the width is about 2 cm, which is attached to the inner middle position of the upper and lower panels of the box. The paste medium uses white latex, which is available in chemical supply stores. After the transformation, the cabinet can obviously reduce the resonance phenomenon. If the problem is not solved, then, hehe, this speaker can be retired.
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