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How to properly use and maintain speakers

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Although the speaker is not easy to break, but once it breaks, it will bring us great inconvenience. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to use and maintain the speaker correctly. The editor will give you benefits today. Talking about how to properly use and maintain speakers and the speaker selection guide, speaker lovers and you who are confused about choosing speakers must not miss it.

How to properly use and maintain speakers

How to use and maintain the speaker correctly 1: Avoid using it in harsh environments
The various parts of the speaker such as wood veneer, paper cone, tweeter film, suspension, centering bracket, adhesive, voice coil, etc. are mostly sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. If the temperature is too low or too high, the stability of these parts will be affected. If the temperature is too low and less than 5 degrees Celsius, the overhang will easily become brittle. If the volume is turned on at this time, it will easily cause the overhang to break.

How to use and maintain the speaker correctly 2: Pay attention to standard operation at ordinary times
Before listening, check whether the wiring is correct and whether the position of the potentiometer is too large. When starting, shutting down, restarting, etc., the speaker volume should be turned off to a minimum or the power supply should be turned off to prevent large inrush current from damaging the speakers. When singing karaoke, keep away from the speakers as much as possible, and don’t point the microphone at the speakers to avoid howling or even burning the tweeter

How to use and maintain the speaker correctly III: The problem of the place of use
When any speaker is turned on to the loudest, there will be phenomena such as broken sound, so the volume is up to 8 to achieve almost the same. Originally, the power of this speaker is 40W. If it is used in a room of 100 square meters in a general household, it is more than enough. If you put it in Used in squares or in large classrooms, its power is bound to be unbearable

Speaker purchase guide

How to properly use and maintain speakers

Speaker purchase guide one: to be positioned reasonably
The listening room has a small area (usually between 12 and 16 square meters), and it has not been decorated according to listening requirements. In this environment, even if a good home theater system is placed, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect. Therefore, those who are not prepared to make a large investment in this area should take simplicity and practicality as the best policy, and must not blindly pursue the full-featured, large-sized, and large number of equipment.

Speaker Selection Guide 2: Brand
The technical content of audio equipment is relatively high. As a manufacturer, it is difficult to produce high-quality equipment without a high-quality technical team. In recent years, a wide variety of electrical appliances and audio assembly plants have increased, but many products are really worrying, but the attractive prices and false publicity can easily attract buyers who don't know much about audio. For example, in some speaker assembly factories, the guiding ideology is that the cabinet should be large and the speaker holes should be more. Just install the speaker unit that matches the speaker hole.

The editor in this article will let everyone know how to properly use and maintain the speakers and the purchase guide for the speakers. Standardized use and regular maintenance of the speakers can not only extend their service life, but also prevent everyone from being panicked when they fail. Why? The purchase of speakers should be reasonably positioned according to their actual needs, and then look at the brand to buy a good speaker. Is everyone clear about these?
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