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Shopee builds a cross-border live broadcast ecosystem to realize the co-creation of full-link value

2021-02-05 599
On February 5, Southeast Asian e-commerce platform Shopee announced that as of the end of 2020, orders brought by the platform's Shopee Live live broadcast function have increased by more than 6 times, causing a new round of “watch and buy” trend in Southeast Asia. In order to more efficiently help sellers to seize the traffic dividend in Southeast Asia, Shopee will continue to optimize the Shopee Live live broadcast function in 2021, and upgrade the cross-border live broadcast system for Chinese sellers, and work together with government and enterprises to work together with more diverse live broadcast formats and functions Build a cross-border live broadcast ecosystem and broaden the channels for Chinese sellers and brands to go overseas.

The live broadcast room is upgraded again, and Shopee Live connects wheat to open a new shopping scene
According to the 2020 joint report of Bain, Google and Temasek, affected by the continuous social isolation policies in various Southeast Asian markets, local people’s acceptance of video, live broadcast and other streaming media is one year earlier than originally expected. Traditional offline shopping " The “buy while shopping” scene has gradually been replaced by the “buy while watching” online live shopping. The rapidly changing marketing model has also provided abundant soil for the thriving growth of the local e-commerce live broadcast format.

In this context, only during the 12.12 promotion period, the number of viewers of Shopee Live reached 450 million. As of the end of 2020, the average daily viewing time of the entire Shopee Live site has increased by as much as 15 times. Consumers who are familiar with watching live broadcasts are becoming more and more accustomed to shopping in the live room. Compared with 2019, Shopee's site-wide live broadcast orders have increased by more than 6 times. In order to continue to provide consumers with a more social shopping experience, Shopee Live will enrich the live broadcast application scenarios. In 2021, it will pilot new functions such as the attention gift and live broadcast link to help increase the live broadcast interaction rate, thereby solving the new and Retention and conversion issues.

Among them, the Lianmai function will allow sellers and brands to connect with live viewers or other shops on the platform during the live broadcast process. Sellers can answer consumers' questions about the product in a targeted manner and cultivate fans with loyalty and recognition. This function is also expected to break through the barriers to brand cooperation under the traditional live broadcast format, so that brands can achieve mutual drainage and common transformation, and jointly explore new business opportunities for e-commerce live broadcast with the effect of "1+1>2".

Co-creation of full link value, Shopee builds a cross-border live broadcast ecosystem
Since the Shopee Live live broadcast function was launched on the platform in 2019, Shopee has also continued to add cross-border live broadcast services, striving to help Chinese sellers overcome language and geographical barriers to achieve product sales integration. In the past two years, Shopee has established a cross-border live broadcast ecosystem, has cooperated with the government to broaden the talent pool of small language live broadcasts, and strictly screened and certified a number of MCN organizations, grasped the live broadcast demand of the Southeast Asian market, and deeply incubated small language live broadcast talents, which is an overseas chain. The road's long-term development laid the foundation.

·Government-enterprise cooperation to broaden cross-border e-commerce live broadcast talent incubation links
At the end of 2020, Shopee, together with the Nanning Municipal Foreign Affairs Office and the Nanning People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, jointly held a two-month China-ASEAN Foreign Language Anchor Competition. The competition is set up by the government and Shopee has joined hands with universities to actively respond. It not only provides a small language display stage for the majority of school students, but also expands the cross-border e-commerce professional talent team, incubates new cross-border anchors, and injects "fresh blood" for domestic products going overseas.

A total of more than ten colleges and universities were launched in the competition, and more than 500 foreign language students, foreign students, and talents from small languages at home and abroad were recruited to participate, and the top four anchors and three groups of champions were finally selected. All winners have received certification awards from the organizer, as well as support from various aspects such as traffic and resources, and have the opportunity to sign a celebrity training contract with Shopee's cooperative live broadcast agency to help more domestic brands and products go to Southeast Asia.

Shopee builds a cross-border live broadcast ecosystem to realize the co-creation of full-link value

·Institutional certification, grab the beach of cross-border e-commerce live broadcast bonus traffic
As more and more domestic products regard cross-border live broadcasting as an important track, sellers urgently need "staff" who understand both live broadcasting and the needs of the Southeast Asian market to help them break the language barrier. Therefore, the Shopee cross-border team launched a third party The live broadcast agency certification program helps more Chinese sellers who have never been involved in unlocking live broadcast business opportunities across the market.

After strict on-site inspections and data verification, the first batch of 4 MCN institutions passed the official Shopee certification. They not only have strong live content production capacity, can customize exclusive live broadcast strategies for sellers, but also provide live broadcast services in minor languages including Indonesian, Filipino, Vietnamese, and Malay in addition to Chinese and English to help sellers quickly Break the language barrier and live broadcast the bonus traffic in the post-harvest epidemic era.

In order to help more sellers who are willing to go overseas to quickly get started with the live broadcast function, Shopee Cross-border has launched a live broadcast seller incentive plan. All sellers shortlisted for the incentive plan will have the opportunity to obtain official live streaming drainage strategy training and exclusive live broadcast exposure resources on the platform. Shopee internet celebrity marketing service (SKS) and MCN certification agency's proxy broadcasting service help potential sellers to seize the live broadcast track and successfully achieve the top of domestic products!
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