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Some tips to make your HIFI sound better

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1. Read the manual: Although it seems that all the steps from wiring to speaker placement can be done by yourself, unless you read the manual, your approach may reduce the performance of the audio or even damage the equipment. So whether the manual is dry or enthusiastic, you should read it first.

2. A suitable rack is necessary. One frame per machine. The frame can ensure that the machine is protected from vibration, and separate each machine at a certain distance, which is particularly conducive to heat dissipation.

3. Regarding placement: If you have to stack the machines one by one, put the power amplifier on top, because the power amplifier generates the most heat and needs the most heat.

4. Consider that you may have to buy other equipment in the future. When buying a rack, you should buy a rack with more layers to avoid duplication of investment.

5. If the rack has wheels, it will be very convenient to clean the floor under the rack, but if the rack has foot nails, it can be fixed, and the sound effect will be better. Choose a suitable rack, it is best to have both advantages.

Some tips to make your HIFI sound better

6. Check whether the rack can bear the weight for sand filling or add special metal to increase the weight to prevent shocks. Fill the hollow structure of the rack (such as pillars) with sand to prevent loud noises.

7. Also pay attention to the choice of the frame. The glass is very beautiful, but the MDF is better. It is better to have foot nails or damping glue, but if you are using a glass frame and have children, you must Fix it more firmly.

8. There are other ways to benefit your device. Placing the CD player on spikes, a special platform, or a slab made of wood chips or even a marble slab can help reduce vibration.

9. The record player is more prone to vibration. If it is a room with a wooden floor, the floor also conducts vibrations. Consider fixing the rack to the wall, especially when you wake up in the morning and want to listen to rock early in the morning.

10. The speaker bracket is also particular. If it is a small hall, bookshelf speakers are generally used, and the bracket is very important. You should buy the best shelf, the more stable and hard the better.
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