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How to buy bluetooth speakers

2021-06-18 412
There are many brands and styles of Bluetooth speakers on the market, and the choices are dazzling. How to buy a Bluetooth speaker?

1. Sound quality

Sound quality is the life of a speaker. A Bluetooth speaker essentially loses some signal transmission efficiency during Bluetooth transmission, but it is irrelevant for ordinary listeners. If possible, it is best to try listening to your beloved Bluetooth speaker, or to find more evaluation information on the Internet as a reference.

How to buy bluetooth speakers

2. Volume
There must be a lot of people traveling with the family. If the volume of the Bluetooth speaker is too low, coupled with the ambient sound, it really sounds loud. When buying a Bluetooth speaker, you need to consider the number of people, whether you want to listen to it by one person, or multiple people (or square dancing), all of which need to be considered.

3. Endurance
Endurance is simply the durability of the battery and how many hours it can last. Especially the Bluetooth speakers to be taken outdoors, there is no charging place nearby. If everyone sits together and listens to a song happily, it will be out of power after listening for an hour or two, which is too embarrassing.
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