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Speaker classification of multimedia audio

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The types of multimedia speakers have different styles according to different classifications. Let’s take a look at some common categories:
●According to the material of the box, there are plastic and wooden boxes.
●According to the number of speaker units, there are single speaker unit (full-band unit) and dual (or three) speaker unit (two or three frequency division).
●According to the number of channels, there are 2.0 type (two-channel stereo), 2.1 (two-channel plus-subwoofer channel), 4.1 type (four channels plus one subwoofer channel), 5.1 type (five channels) Plus-super bass channel) speakers.
●The structure of the horn unit is divided into ordinary horn unit, flat horn unit, aluminum tape single horn unit, etc. Note: Ordinary speaker units can be classified according to the material of the diaphragm (paper cone). For example, the mid-woofer unit has paper cones, wool cones, PVC cones, polypropylene cones, metal cones... and other materials, and the tweeters have metal balls. Top, soft dome...
●According to the computer output port, there are ordinary interface (sound card output) speakers and USB interface speakers.
●According to the internal and external points of the power amplifier, there are active speakers (the most common amplifier built-in) and passive speakers (external amplifier, very high-end or special requirements are used.
●According to the price, it is generally considered that the price of each pair (excluding the subwoofer, the same below) is ordinary speakers, the price of each pair is between 200 yuan and 800 yuan, and the price is above 800 yuan. Generally high-end products (of course, it can't be divided in this way, but also depends on the brand and actual performance).

●According to the purpose, there are general-purpose speakers, entertainment-oriented speakers (games, VCD, DVD and music appreciation) and professional speakers (HIFI production, fever music appreciation).

Speaker classification of multimedia audio

If measured by different standards, multimedia speakers are undoubtedly diverse. From the structural point of view, it can be divided into two main structural types: small bookshelf 2.0 speakers and X.1. The former is usually composed of two loudspeakers. Each loudspeaker includes two loudspeaker units for treble and woofer. Under the action of crossover components in the loudspeaker, they receive high-frequency signals and low-frequency signals, respectively, and emit mid-, high-pitched and low-pitched sounds. The high-quality 2.0 speakers have been developed in the direction of Hi-Fi to more satisfy the needs of music appreciation; while the X.1 structure speakers use an independent woofer (commonly known as "subwoofer") on the basis of 2.0 speakers. ”) The design further strengthens the low-frequency response capability of the speaker. In addition, in order to provide more accurate and rich sound field positioning and enhance the sense of presence of the sound, the X.1 system is also equipped with multiple surround speakers (also called satellite boxes) such as front, center, and rear speakers, so that people can watch DVD multi-channel blockbusters and multi-channel games play a strong audiovisual shock. In addition to the traditional 2.1, 4.1 and 5.1 channels, 7.1 channel speakers were also born with the emergence of 7.1 channel sound cards.
In terms of usage, multimedia speakers are mainly used for listening to music, watching movies, playing games, etc. Some powerful manufacturers have also designed related speaker products specifically for these purposes (for example, the XEMAL brand of ADFA is positioned in game applications. ). Due to the wide variety of multimedia speakers on the market, the performance and price are very different, so you must choose according to your needs when you buy. For example, when watching DVD multi-channel movies and playing mainstream games, it is necessary to choose a set of 4.1-channel or more speakers and a matching sound card, so that a more accurate 3D positioning effect can be reproduced. For listening to music, you don’t have to configure 4.1 or above, and sometimes a high-quality two-channel system is more suitable.
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