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Passive speakers can also play like this

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In computer entertainment, speaker equipment is an indispensable external device. For those who like hands-on, we can diy the cabinet and make it into our ideal speaker. After the speaker is assembled, you can use the power amplifier to play audio and video. This type of speaker is called a passive speaker. Now we come to understand the approximate production process.

First, determine the size of the speaker unit. For example, 4 inches, 6.5 inches, etc. After the speaker size is determined, we need to subdivide the frequency of the sound quality. For example, bass, midrange, treble, this is the crossover we often say. Corresponding to woofer, midrange speaker and tweeter. Finally, the choice is two-way or three-way, the technical term is called frequency divider.

Speaker crossover in kind
After all the above content is determined, the cabinet should be designed, and the sketch of the ideal speaker cabinet in your mind should be drawn. For example, I made a 2-way desktop speaker. Using a combination of 8-inch midrange and 4-inch tweeters, and using equipment with subwoofer 2.1 to push, for the cabinet made, although the thrust is small, it is enough for personal entertainment. The frequency divider is purchased online, or you can buy the raw materials yourself and make it yourself. If you want to worry about it, you can buy the finished board.

2.1 Power amplifier equipment power is relatively small
Speaker box size: 24*42*26

The front opening of the speaker: 4-inch through hole diameter 80 mm, counter hole diameter 104 mm, counter hole height 5 mm, 8-inch through hole diameter 185 mm, counter hole diameter 211 mm, counter hole height 5 mm.

Passive speakers can also play like this

The opening on the back of the speaker: the diameter of the through hole is 49 mm, the diameter of the counterbore is 75 mm, and the height of the counterbore is 5 mm, near the upper middle position. This hole is used for wiring on the back of the speaker. The side panel is 42cm high and 26cm wide, and the upper and lower back covers each have a wooden board.

Description: 4-inch tweeter Applicable scope: round (maximum diameter is 101, 102, 103, 104) or outer diameter is greater than 85 and less than or equal to 104MM. Horn opening: less than 80MM, even 8-inch woofer Applicable scope: round ( The maximum diameter is 210, 211) or the outer diameter is greater than 195MM and less than or equal to 210MM. Horn opening: less than 185MM can be uniform.

According to the above ideas, the required components are prepared, and finally assembled together, thus completing the production of passive speakers. If you are also more interested in this aspect, you can also try to make it yourself.

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