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How does Amazon store without supply operate?

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In this rapidly changing e-commerce industry, Amazon is able to receive so many people's attention and attention, and it has certain strength. First, Amazon was established in 1995. It was the first company in the world to start e-commerce. Now it is a global product variety. The most online retailer and the world's second largest Internet company are still an e-commerce platform with relatively complete rules, so the rules are much stricter.

1. The selection of products has a great influence on the entire store
Take consumers in Europe as an example. Their consumption level is generally higher than that in China. They like more products than daily necessities and love life, so they choose more products that are closer to daily necessities; the same is true for other sites, through customer analysis You can easily screen out suitable products when you start.

2. Understand what is cross-border logistics
Many people don't even understand the domestic logistics. When it comes to cross-border logistics, it is even more embarrassing. The editor will give you a little bit of the basics of cross-border logistics. Cross-border logistics is divided into FBA and FBM. In simple terms, FBA is to store product inventory in the warehouse provided by the Amazon platform, and there is a platform to help you deliver it to consumers; FBM is self-delivery, which is passed from domestic Tripartite logistics delivers goods to consumers.

How does Amazon store without supply operate?

3, clear the site to be settled
Amazon currently has 12 sites around the world, each site has its own requirements and characteristics, mainly the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, China, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia, Japan, the Middle East and India. When choosing a platform, you should understand the advantages and disadvantages of each platform and see which site is more suitable. Don't choose blindly; the advice I can give is that you can start from the purchase intention needs of site buyers and site traffic.

4, try to follow the boutique model with certain experience
In the current market, the product is king, especially on the Amazon platform. The most important thing is the product itself. As long as the product is good, there is no need to worry about traffic. With the product as the core, making miscellaneous products can enhance competitiveness and store operation for longer. It is the key to the transition from Xiaobai to Great God.
Speaking of this, I won’t say much if you want to be a good Amazon, you must be familiar with the rules of the platform and follow the rules of the platform. Only when you understand some of the rules of the platform can you survive better and develop better and longer. Friends who like my article can forward and bookmark it, and comment and leave a message at the bottom of the article.
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