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How to place the airflow subwoofer?

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An airflow speaker is a speaker in which the sound of the speaker does not radiate directly to the outside. According to professional terms, it is a speaker in which the speaker diaphragm (paper plate) is not directly coupled with the air. In the field of professional sound, airflow speakers are generally subwoofers. Modern air-flow woofers use advanced aerodynamics principles, which use the large-scale diaphragm vibration that can only be produced by bass to complete the drastic air flow change, and use this air flow change to enhance the propagation of the bass. The airflow subwoofer not only allows the bass to be transmitted farther due to the aerodynamic characteristics, but also makes the bass more rich and beautiful due to its excellent acoustic characteristics.

How to place the airflow subwoofer?

The air-flow woofer can be easily recognized from the appearance. It is a speaker with the woofer facing outwards, front facing inward (reverse button), or the front of the woofer cannot be seen directly. At present, the most common one is the inside of the loudspeaker. There are two types of Tibetan subwoofer and speaker reversed subwoofer. They mainly rely on the airflow characteristics of sound propagation, sending out a bass airflow group intermittently to the space, and use the airflow group to propagate sound waves, instead of sending sound energy to the air by simple wave radiation characteristics, the bass can be transmitted more. far.

The air-flow subwoofer is relatively comfortable in placement and installation, that is, it can be hung in the air or placed directly in the air. But generally speaking, the effect of placing the air-flow subwoofer in the air will be better. This is because the air-flow subwoofer adopts the air propagation method, so its bass has a certain directivity, even if there is sound radiation. However, the proportion of sound radiation is also very small, so the reflected sound content after reaching the reflective interface is also very small, and the bass reflex volume is moderate. The bass speaker is directly placed in the air, which can fully play the role of the air, which is equivalent to using the air as an extension of the bass horn. Such a large bass horn makes the sound resistance of the lower limit frequency of the speaker more matched, and the bass sound becomes thicker and fuller. .
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