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Features of garden outdoor speakers

2021-06-05 414
1. Garden landscape audio has the characteristics of decorating the environment
The speaker cabinet is made of abs rubber products, and it adopts a closed design. It has excellent corrosion resistance and moisture resistance. It has the advantages of waterproof, waterproof, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, and anti-theft. It is professionally designed for outdoor environments. Products used. Multi-directional and long-distance sound effects are pleasing to the ears. It can play music and decorate the environment. It is an ideal choice for outdoor garden landscape and green city installation.

2. The lawn speaker is integrated with the environment

Features of garden outdoor speakers

The lawn speaker can be used as a background for call broadcasting programs and music. Its outside is made of corrosion-resistant materials and has a long service life. The characteristic of the lawn sound horn lies in its unobtrusive design, which is easy to install in the arbor of the garden and in the environment of concealed lawn engineering.
3. Easy installation of garden landscape audio
Garden landscape audio installation requires digging a 40 cm square pit, and then placing the buried parts, using concrete for irrigation to build a 40-50 platform, the platform needs to be slightly higher than the grass ground 5 cm, and then use screws to fix the lawn speaker firmly, lawn The speaker wiring method, the positive and negative poles correspond to each other!
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