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What is the actual effect of ceiling speakers?

2021-06-05 399
Many pot friends feel that ceiling speakers are not as good as traditional floor-standing boxes or bookshelf boxes, because they look very unprofessional.

If you think it is the type used in subway stations, colleges, and large shopping malls, or the ceiling speakers that are used in shopping malls to put "Good Luck" and broadcast announcements such as big marketing on national statutory holidays, it is really not good.

What is the actual effect of ceiling speakers?

It belongs to the system software of the public address system and uses constant-voltage speakers. To put it bluntly, the constant-voltage speaker is developed and added with an inter-wire transformer at the front of the speaker. The function of this transformer is to convert the 120V or 240V working voltage of the broadcast program into the working voltage of the suitable speaker. Therefore, the constant-voltage speaker is suitable and fixed. Compression power amplifier (amplifier) connection, generally used for long-distance cable broadcasting venues.
In-ceiling speakers installed in homes are completely different. Fixed-impedance speakers are used instead of line-to-line transformers, which are promoted by the amount of current. Its characteristics are large current, low working voltage, suitable for short-distance analog signal transmission, generally 4Ω and 8Ω, and the resistors of the speakers are consistent with the power amplifier. Ceiling speakers are mostly used in music background system software and home theater sets. It uses walls or suspended ceilings as pure natural co-seismic inner chambers, and ceiling speakers have a high degree of sound restoration, which is suitable for home furnishings, clubs, hotels, restaurants, etc.
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