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Ceiling speakers, if you want to choose, choose the best one

2021-06-04 393
Everyone knows that the better the quality of an audio speaker, the higher the resilience of the sound. So how do you judge the pros and cons of an audio speaker?

If a ceiling speaker feels heavier in your hand, then it is a good speaker at a very large level. It will be heavy because the ceiling speaker is abundant and solid! Because of the built-in power amplifier circuit and toroidal transformer here.

Ceiling speakers, if you want to choose, choose the best one

In addition to touching the net weight, check whether the quality of the various knobs, power switches, and power plugs is exquisite, especially whether the interface is tight, and whether the polishing is smooth.
In order to attract customers, some ceiling speakers imitate well-known brand speakers to make their appearance beautiful. In fact, at this time, everyone is especially paying attention to inquiries from small points. For speakers that blindly rely on appearance and not work hard on quality, the quality is of course not easy to be too good. If you look at it, you should also check the diaphragm material. At this stage, there are more raw materials for the production of speaker diaphragms, so you should compare and refer to it when you buy it.
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