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Analysis of Ceiling Speakers in Public Address System

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1. Power:
The power is divided into larger withstand power and nominal power.
Nominal power: Nominal power is the rated power that everyone often refers to. It determines the conditions under which the audio can work stably for a long time.
Larger withstand power: The larger withstand power refers to the larger power that the ceiling speaker can withstand in a short period of time. Generally 3-4 times the nominal power.

Analysis of Ceiling Speakers in Public Address System

2. Distortion:
Distortion can be divided into three types: intermodulation distortion, harmonic current distortion and transient distortion. Generally speaking, distortion is harmonic current distortion, which refers to the distortion caused by the enhancement of high-order harmonic components that the original data signal does not have during the whole process of replaying the sound.
The real hazard to the quality of ceiling speakers is transient distortion. Transient distortion is the original data caused by the inertial quality of ceiling speakers, and the vibration of the basin cannot closely follow the vibration of the electronic signal that changes in an instant. There is a difference between the signal and looking back at the sound quality. This definition is not very easy to understand. You just have to keep in mind that the distortion of general multimedia ceiling speakers should be less than 0.5%, and the distortion of subwoofer ceiling speakers should be less than 5%.
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