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Amazon's 9 strategies to effectively catch up and sell!

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Many sellers who have done Amazon must have had the experience of being followed. The listing traffic and results that they have worked so hard to create are directly distributed, and even the links are looted, especially some malicious follow-ups in the middle of the night are hard to prevent. Many honest sellers hate them, but at the same time they are very helpless.

Amazon's intention to allow co-selling is to allow suppliers to compete with each other and provide buyers with more favorable prices. However, it encounters some co-seller sellers who want to get something for nothing, resulting in a situation where everyone is screaming and fighting with sellers. And sellers are not completely incapable of selling and selling. Below, I will share with you what are the effective methods to catch and sell on Amazon.

1. Become a brand seller
This should be the first choice of most sellers. The most effective way to counter-sell follow-up is to become a brand seller and register the brand on Amazon. If someone follow-up, you can file a complaint with Amazon. The effect is still very obvious. Complaints are accurate.

2. Transparency (transparency plan)
The Trensparency program is a new project officially released by Amazon in June 2018. This project is mainly used to combat counterfeit products to protect the interests of brands and buyers. This program can fundamentally eliminate malicious follow-up sales.
After participating in Amazon's transparency program, the seller will purchase an exclusive QR code (a blue T mark) from Amazon, which corresponds to a set of 26-digit Transparency codes. These QR codes will correspond to the product packaging that you participate in the Amazon Transparency Program. For FBA Amazon sellers, Amazon will scan the QR code and will allow your products to enter the warehouse after verification. Once the product is found to be counterfeit, Amazon will destroy the goods and remove your buybox. For sellers who send FBM to follow-up, Amazon requires that they provide the correct QR code for verification when submitting the listing offer, otherwise they cannot follow-up.
Note: To join Transparency (transparency plan) first you have to be the brand owner.
The requirements for participating in the Transparency Program are not low, and there is a fee (mainly the cost of purchasing the QR code), and it is currently limited to Amazon's U.S. site. As for sellers on other sites, they can only be sighed for the moment.

3. Send a warning letter
The seller sends an internal letter to the follower, enters the seller's Seller Profile under the listing, and sends a warning email to the other party through the Ask a question button, asking them to stop the follow-up. This method still works for some sellers who have just entered Amazon. If you have several buyer accounts and send a warning letter at the same time, the timid may give up following the sale.
The content of the warning letter generally says that I found that you are selling my products. If you don’t stop now, I will Test Buy.

4. Test buy
Priority is given to friends abroad for help; or if you have accumulated resources for reviewing and reviewing the order, you can find a foreign evaluator to place an order. Remember that the delivery address after placing the order should be abroad to prevent it from being seen through by the seller, so as not to take preventive measures. .
After receiving the product, be sure to ask the buyer who placed the order to check carefully, take photos for evidence, such as color, weight, size, outer packaging, etc., provide where the product sold by the seller does not match the description in the listing, and compare the pictures , The more details, the better persuasive to Amazon.

Note: Do not involve sensitive words-"trademark" or "copyright", just state that the product received does not match the listing. Don't leave a bad review.

Amazon's 9 strategies to effectively catch up and sell!

5. Let the follower be complained by buyers
Secretly modify the listing details or replace the pictures of the products in the middle of the night, and then suspend sales of your own products. Of course, the premise is that the products have sales, so that if the follower sells dozens of orders without knowing it, there will definitely be natural buyers complaining about the goods. If the board is wrong, it will naturally be suspended for isting!

6. Malicious negative reviews on buyer accounts
The principle of this method belongs to a variant of Test Buy, where multiple buyers are used to buy products with sellers and then give bad reviews and A-Z, resulting in poor performance of the other party, but the cycle of FBM is relatively long. It takes a long time and is more cumbersome, suitable for sellers who have a lot of daily time.

7. Make pending orders
Register a virtual visa card, and then set a single consumption limit. The important point is that the limit must be set, which will cause the payment to be unsuccessful. Crazy clearing of the other party’s inventory, the general pending bill lasts for 20 days, and it will be cancelled if no order is placed within the specified time.

8. Reduce prices and clear inventory
Some follow-ups are equipped with an automatic price adjustment function. If you lower it a little bit, it also lowers it a little bit. You can test whether it has set a minimum price and adjust the self-price to a loss. If its price is also adjusted down, then you Secretly adjust the price to the lowest price at night, and then suspend sales of this product, so that the other party will definitely lose money!

9. Service provider
Find a service provider to help you, save time and worry. This is a paid service. As long as the money is spent, it can basically be solved. There are many service providers, whether it is a transparent plan or a pending order. Be sure to consult clearly. If you choose this method, pay attention to review and don't be treated as a leek.
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