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What should the seller do before the FBA inventory is nearly out of stock?

2021-01-29 478
A seller asked that due to the current Amazon FBA warehouse capacity restrictions, FBA inventory is close to being out of stock. The seller does not know what measures should be taken to reduce the loss caused by the outage.

On this, my suggestions are as follows:

Before the stock is out of stock, you can increase the price appropriately in the form of "small steps" (a single price increase is a small step, and a price increase per day or twice a day is a "quick run"). , Take self-delivery high prices and sell.

The purpose of the price increase is that since the out of stock is inevitable, then try to make excess profits before the out of stock;

The self-delivery high price follow-up sale is to avoid the listing being picked up by other sellers as a zombie listing and tampered with after the stock is out of stock. At the same time, the high-price follow-up sale can also earn some extra profits if an order is generated;

High price and selling "high price", my suggestion is that if it is a standard part/small standard part product of about 10 dollars, you can add about 5 dollars to the original FBA price, and if it is about 20 dollars, it can be at the original FBA price On the basis of the price increase of about 7 US dollars, other price ranges can be increased at their own discretion.

If an order is generated from a self-delivered and sold SKU, you can confirm the order as a delivery status. After the FBA is placed on the shelf, the FBA inventory is called to create multi-channel distribution. The higher price during the high price and the sale can be used to offset the creation Delivery fees for multi-channel delivery.

One reminder is that for self-delivered orders, when confirming the shipment, because there is no tracking order number, you can leave it out without filling in the order number, and there is no need to fill in the order number after the subsequent delivery through multiple channels. Supplementing the order number may cause the system to determine that the shipment is advanced, and the advanced shipment will be considered by the system as a credibility issue, which will lead to account restrictions.

What should the seller do before the FBA inventory is nearly out of stock?

Confirming the delivery of self-delivery orders but not filling in the order number will affect the effective order tracking rate of the account, but as long as it is not in large quantities, this indicator has little impact on the account, so it can be ignored.

In addition, I need to add a little bit: Regarding zombie listings, it means that some sellers on the market use software crawlers to treat some listings that are not on sale but have reviews as zombie listings. They often find these listings through crawlers and then use VC accounts. The high authority of the company tampered with it, modified the category node, title, brand name, picture and other content, and then merged it into the own listing that you want to build, and used the Review on the original Listing to increase the weight of your listing. .

Once a listing is picked up and tampered with as a zombie listing by others, it will take a lot of trouble to change it back. The method of self-delivery and sale can prevent your listing from being judged by the software as a zombie listing, thereby avoiding the follow-up Disruption and destruction of series of unscrupulous operations.
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