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How to wire and install ceiling speakers?

2021-06-03 391
Ceiling speakers are mostly used in exhibitions, city squares, restaurants or colleges and other areas such as music background, ip network broadcasting, etc., and it is also effective in some homes.

1. There are many kinds of ceiling speakers. The installation sites of different types are different, and the installation methods are also different. For the installation of family-type ceiling speaker boxes, the first is to use a dedicated hole opener to open the holes. , Can prevent damage to the ceiling, especially the ceiling of the plasterboard ceiling.

How to wire and install ceiling speakers?

2. The diameter of the opening is in accordance with the opening specifications required by the ceiling speaker. The opening can be slightly larger in the specific construction site, which is convenient to install and remove, especially the plaster ceiling. It is installed too tightly and is very easy to use. Destroy the plasterboard.
1. The route layout of the ceiling speakers in the large living room is best done together with the electrician. Because the speaker cable is installed with weak current, it is best not to be too close to the weak current of the electrician to prevent it from affecting it. If there is a PVC pipe, the spacing of 20 cm is fine. The total wiring line should follow the weak current installation line or the weak current layout of the electrician as much as possible to prevent disorder, and the speaker line should be different from other routes, and it is convenient to repair afterwards.
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