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How to buy a good ceiling speaker

2021-06-03 432
Ceiling speakers are widely used in restaurants, colleges, office buildings, KTV and other venues. With the gradual popularization of home theater sets, they have just begun to enter the home music background system software.
How to choose the ceiling speakers in the home music background system software:

How to buy a good ceiling speaker

1.The role is different: the key role of the intermediate type is on the server, and the role of the partition control panel is only to manipulate the sound source, sound effect, etc. of the partition. Each partition controller of the split type is equivalent to combining the function of the intermediate type to the partition controller. The key role will be on the partition controller.
2. Green and environmental protection are different: the intermediate output power is large and the power consumption is relatively large, and the loud sound will inevitably cause noise to the neighbors next door. The split type, the power is small, and the power consumption is also small.
3. The flexibility is different: each time each zone starts to listen to the song, the server must be turned on in the middle style, and the relative flexibility is weak. Each zone of the split style independently controls the main power switch, selects the sound source, and turns on the zone controller. You can listen to songs. Flexibility is good.
4. Ceiling speakers are divided into three types: general ceiling, coaxial output ceiling, adjustable treble and bass ceiling, ceiling audio speakers can only be placed on the ceiling at home. From the perspective of timbre, the coaxial output ceiling and high-subwoofer speakers actually have better effects.
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