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How to install outdoor lawn speakers

2021-06-03 415
1. Broadcasting line:
Broadcasting system software data signal transmission is undertaken by broadcast cables. Broadcasting cables are generally laid outdoors or buried in the ground. The outdoor natural environment is complex and extreme. The quality of cable selection and construction quality are immediately related to the stability of the subsequent system software. This happens to be very easy to be overlooked. Most of the common faults in audio technology are caused by the circuit. Therefore, the quality of materials and the construction of the project are especially important to the quality of all projects.
The outdoor natural environment standard is extreme, and the buried thread double eyelid is dominated by waterproof, anti-corrosion and anti-flies.
1. Cable adoption: outdoor broadcasting cable uses RVV2-1.5 multi-strand protective wire sheath special broadcasting cable.

2. Construction technology: The broadcast cable is buried in waterproof casing. A part of the wireless socket in the middle is buried in the ground. The depth is 30cm. The Ø20 PVC pipe trough can be reasonably waterproof and prevent fly bites. When crossing the street Cross the road pipe (Ø40 galvanized pipe). Optional cables are selected according to the length of each section on the design drawings, and try to avoid redundant connectors on the cables. The line sockets should be built at the speaker interface to prevent common faults such as poor line connectors and facilitate maintenance and repair. And do the waterproof solution, set the terminal block at the connection.

How to install outdoor lawn speakers

2. Lawn speaker installation
With its novel design and beautiful sound effect, lawn speakers are commonly used in lawn greening projects, which clean up the natural environment and play beautiful music, letting people relax and cultivate their body after work.
Lawn speakers are generally placed on the grassy roads on both sides of the road. They are symmetrically distributed, 1 to two meters away from the road. Because the grass speakers are mainly used for music background applications, their power is generally more than 20W, and the installation height and width are relatively low. The reasonable transmission distance is 20-30 meters, so the actual effect of the general audio system is 30 meters-50 meters.
The lawn speakers are connected in series and can be fixed on a concrete base during installation. The installation should be sturdy, safe, beautiful and generous, and the installation angle of view should be adjusted.
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