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Application of design scheme of ceiling speakers

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Ceiling speakers are not unfamiliar to everyone, and you can basically see them in large shopping malls, housing projects, and conference venues. It can ensure that “only the sound is heard, but the shape cannot be seen”, and it cooperates with the ultimate decoration. It is often designed for discussion-type meeting rooms, music backgrounds, public address systems and other sound reinforcement occasions. In the article, I will talk about my understanding with the design of ceiling speakers in technical professional conference rooms.

Choosing a ceiling-mounted design plan is a great contribution to the symmetry index value of the sound field, but all conference occasions can choose a ceiling-mounted speaker design plan or install several ceilings on the ceiling at will, and it can be completed. Is it the ultimate sound reinforcement? In fact, this is not the case. The ceiling speaker system software designed in some engineering projects did not fully utilize its advantages, but continued to use the connection and operation of the music background sound reinforcement method. This not only did not fully utilize the advantages of the ceiling speaker, but also gave People feel like a "cheap project" like doing a public address system.

Therefore, under what circumstances should ceiling speakers be used? How to design it effectively? What are its advantages?

Application of design scheme of ceiling speakers

At this stage, common conference venues include two types: one is the podium report-type meeting room, and the other is the round table or long table discussion-type meeting room.

As far as the rostrum report-type meeting room is concerned, the volume of the meeting room is relatively large, and the total number of accommodations is relatively large. The sound reinforcement area generally includes the rostrum and the audience area. Ceiling sound reinforcement is used for such large conference rooms Is it suitable? Everyone has encountered such occasions. Generally speaking, the staff on the stage and the audience are mostly listening. The sound should come from the rostrum, which is what we often say in the technical professional sound reinforcement design plan. Positioning”, so in such occasions, the main amplification speaker with sufficient sound intensity is generally selected. If the main amplification sound pressure level cannot consider the infield requirements, it will consider the selection of the court speakers on the back two walls. The design scheme can maintain the consistency of sound and image at a huge level.

As for venues for discussion conferences or music background venues, the requirements for precise audio and image positioning are usually not high. All departments in the infield are likely to speak, and news speakers and positions are arbitrary. In such occasions, the ceiling speakers in the meeting room are used as a "more sound reinforcement" method, and one speaker is responsible for one area. The advantage of this kind of method depends on the sound pressure level of basically the same size can be obtained no matter where in the inner field, and excellent sound field uniformity can be achieved.

So how should such ceiling speakers be arranged reasonably? How many ceilings should be suitable for the layout of a conference room? The reasonable layout methods of ceiling speakers are actually various, including the reasonable layout method from the management center to the management center, the least rebar overlap method, and the side-to-side reasonable layout method.

According to the ceiling height of the room and the perspective of the speaker radiation source, you can numerically simulate the radiation source halfway of a single speaker, and then know how many speakers are suitable for the layout of the room (measurement based on the basic principle of the sound attenuation coefficient at the point sound source); The sound pressure level of ceiling speakers usually used in conference rooms is relatively small. Everyone will have a question. How can such a fine sound pressure ceiling consider the sound reinforcement of a meeting room of tens or even hundreds of square meters? ? This is related to a difficult problem in the measurement and calculation of the sound pressure level attenuation coefficient. The measurement is carried out in accordance with the basic principles of the sound attenuation coefficient at the point sound source.
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