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See how in-ceiling speakers become a new favorite in theaters

2021-06-03 398
A set of detailed home theater configurations must include video and audio output devices. Accompanied by various styles of video surveillance equipment, independent innovation is increasing day by day.

Loudspeakers have been using appropriate "micro-tuning" to solve the requirements of various natural environments, especially surround speakers. Surround speakers are an indispensable part of a theater composition, because there are many sound effects in movies that must be based on the side/back surround to prompt the audience to get a sense of sound field envelopment. The evolution of surround speakers is also to better consider the increased requirements of fans and the development trend of film sound technology.

From the bookcase-like surround at the beginning, to the wall-mounted dipole pronunciation and three-way pronunciation created to better improve the sound envelopment, there is no doubt that it has been recognized and applied by enthusiasts.

See how in-ceiling speakers become a new favorite in theaters

As for the technical video recording of movie soundtracks from 5.1 to 7.1 at the beginning to the current panoramic sound, the selection of surround speakers has just begun to be highly valued by everyone. But as a result, some fans also have their own confusion:

1. What should I do if the total area of the house is not large and there is no area to surround it?

2. The small and large living room needs to create a 7.1 sound channel, and the four speakers on the wall will harm the overall beauty. How to solve it?

3. If there are children at home, if there are 4 bookcases on the road, there will be a safety risk.


In fact, for example, there are not a few problems of this kind. The treasure that can be dealt with one after the other and ensure the actual effect of the sound is...the new favorite of the home theater ------ ceiling speakers

There is no need to worry about full wall speakers jeopardizing the overall natural environment of the large living room, and no need to worry that children or the elderly in the family will bump into the surround tripod, and there is no need to be confused about placing the surround in no area, because the ceiling surround speakers I have been able to deal with many of the above worries very well. Ceiling surround design solutions have just begun to gradually rise, and more and more speaker manufacturers have just begun to design solutions to create ceiling speakers. Therefore, regardless of the overall beauty of the house, the safety factor for the old and the weak, or the most important sound effect, ceiling speakers are worthy of being liked.
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