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How to wire and install ceiling speakers

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Ceiling speakers are mostly used in some exhibitions, city squares, restaurants or colleges and other areas such as music background, ip network broadcasting, etc., and are highly favored by such venues. Some standard homes will also use it, but for this type of ceiling speaker installation, it is generally handed over to a technical professional. What are the actual ones, we can discuss.
1. Ceiling speaker installation-punching
1. Ceiling speakers can be divided into many types. The types of installations in different venues are also different, and the installation methods are also different. Here, let's talk about the installation of home-type ceiling speakers. First, all holes must be opened to prevent damage to the ceiling, especially the ceiling of the gypsum board ceiling. Special drilling drills are generally used.
2. The perforation diameter is in accordance with the perforation specifications required by the ceiling speakers, but the specific construction site can be slightly larger, so installation and removal are relatively easy, especially for plaster ceilings, where the ceiling speakers are installed too tightly. In other words, it is very easy to destroy the plasterboard when it is used.

2. Ceiling audio installation-wiring installation

How to wire and install ceiling speakers

1. The layout of the ceiling audio line in the large living room is best done with the electrician wiring, because the speaker wire is installed with weak current, so it should not be too close to the weak current (AC220 volt) of the electrician. If there is a PVC pipe, the spacing is 20 cm. This is all right, this is all to prevent the appearance of influencing factors, but the overall routing line should follow the electrician’s weak-current installation circuit or weak-current installation as much as possible to prevent disorder, and the electrician’s wiring will generally leave inspection holes, and the speaker wire should It is different from other lines, and it can be clearly divided in the case of convenient maintenance.
2. The PVC pipe of the sound horn circuit can be fixed to the ceiling suspension ribs, and the position of the sound point must be considered in the whole process of the specific project construction and other parts of various lights, and the position of the fire sprinkler. Air-conditioning vents and ceiling-to-top design, etc., if the sound speaker installation position is repeated with the lamp position, or the design plan is in the air-conditioning vent, it is harmful to the beauty and generous, and the higher regulations will pay attention to this, so it must be sufficient consider.
3. The speaker wire is through PVC, and the PVC pipe is bent with elastic yellow to ensure that the wire in each pipe can twitch at will from the terminal, and it is also convenient to repair, install and change the wire afterwards. Generally, electricians wait for the painter to paint before installing various lights, which also prevents a lot of inconvenience.
3. Ceiling audio installation-system software adjustment
Finally, it must be noted that the wiring must be checked before the system software is started (after the wiring is laid out, the wiring should be checked before the ceiling is sealed).
The ceiling sound installation is completed in this way, not only can save indoor space, but also can decorate and design the ceiling. The key is to use the ceiling to have the actual effect of sound insulation and noise reduction, and even to deal with the problem of sound diffraction and shell vibration.
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