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How to choose ceiling speakers

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Ceiling speakers are widely used in music background system software in restaurants, teahouses, office buildings, production workshops and other venues, and slowly step into the home music background system software. How to choose ceiling speakers?
1: First consider the cover angle of the speaker, whether the location points of the speaker can be covered to the area that must be covered by the sound. 2: Calculate the noise coefficient attenuation coefficient, use the loudspeaker's continuously larger noise coefficient to calculate the larger noise coefficient when the sound reaches the human ear, and see if it can consider the first-level regulations (98dB) of the my country Conference. 3: Deal with the problem of loudspeaker vibration. Vibration is related to the production of loudspeakers. At this stage, some loudspeakers can guarantee anti-vibration and can express sound very well. Proposed replacement of speakers to consider
According to application regulations, different speakers have their own application venues.
4: Dealing with the problem of sound structure column, the sound of ceiling speakers is indeed coming out of the head, which will make people feel that there is a structure column. For comfort, it is different from person to person, and it is aimed at technical professional audio staff. There is no doubt that it can be distinguished, and the average person probably doesn't care. The processing method can be applied to the wall-mounted main sound reinforcement speaker and the ceiling speaker, the sound image is pulled according to the main sound reinforcement speaker, and the ceiling speaker assists the supplementary sound. If the standard is better, it can be proposed to consider the wall-mounted sound supplement speaker , Wall-mounted speaker system software is required when reporting work, and ceiling speakers are usually used as music background. 5: Regarding the power problem, generally everyone will set it with 1.3-1.5 times the rated power (rms), and some use the power of variety show power to equip the power amplifier (PGM). The key consideration is that the bottom power marked on the power amplifier cannot be used 100%. Secondly, if the power slightly exceeds the speaker power, the played sound will be stronger and more pleasant (be sure to pay attention to the operation, the power is too large Burn the speakers). Generally, ceiling speakers are divided into two types: constant pressure and constant resistance. The difference between constant resistance and constant pressure of ceiling acoustics has the following three aspects:

1. The difference in output mode:

How to choose ceiling speakers

①. Constant voltage is not a constant working voltage, but the output mode is constant voltage, which stipulates that the rated current of the load is constant. The constant-voltage power amplifier is connected in series with several constant-voltage speakers, if the total power does not exceed the total power of the constant-voltage power amplifier.
② The constant resistance power amplifier stipulates a certain output and input resistance. In the constant resistance power amplifier, if the characteristic impedance of the load changes, the power will have a relative change. A fixed resistance power amplifier with 8 ohm mother and 100W connected to 4 ohm mother becomes close to 200W.
2. Different venues are used:
① The constant voltage power amplifier is mainly used in public broadcasting systems in public places. Because the distance between public broadcasting speakers and power amplifiers is relatively long, and a power amplifier is generally connected to several low-power speakers.
In order to better reduce the route loss and prevent the sound of a speaker in the system software from being turned on or off to cause harm to the sound of other speakers, the constant voltage power amplifier has high voltage and low current output (relative). Several speakers are connected to the power amplifier at constant voltage. If the speakers are connected in series with a common cable, it is enough.
②. Constant resistance power amplifier. It is mostly used for home music background, home theater set, KTV, performance stage, because the distance between home music background, home theater set, performance stage and other speakers and the power amplifier is relatively close and there is no need to connect many speakers, so the constant resistance The power amplifier has high current and low voltage output, and special speaker cables should be used to connect the power amplifier and speakers.
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