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What is the role of subwoofer

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The subwoofer can also be called a subwoofer, which can enhance the bass texture in music, and the audiovisual effect is better than ordinary speakers. So what is the role of the subwoofer? Let's give you a detailed introduction.

The main function of the subwoofer at present is to improve the sound quality of music. Increasing the bass texture of the sound can more effectively strengthen the effect of the syllable rhythm. With the subwoofer, the restoration of the program source can be more real. When playing music and video in the bass speaker, the sound coming out will give people a feeling of lack of power and energy. For example, in a movie theater or in real life, you can often feel the shock of the power and energy when the plane takes off, but if the home theater is not equipped with a subwoofer or a subwoofer, or the configuration is unreasonable, then When watching the film, you can't feel the real shock.

What is the role of subwoofer

The subwoofers sold on the market can be divided into two main types, namely passive subwoofers and active subwoofers. The current mainstream subwoofer is a three-piece 3D satellite system with a subwoofer and two small main speakers. In this system, there is only one subwoofer, so the subwoofer is mono above the crossover point. There is a stereo effect. This more mainstream system uses the front-level volume control rotary button to determine the volume of the speaker. If the sensitivity of the subwoofer or the volume is not equal to the main speaker, then there will be some confusion, so friends When choosing to buy, you must pay special attention to this.
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