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What kind of private cinema speakers are suitable for your home?

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Audio has now become an indispensable piece of equipment to form a private theater. However, due to the large number of speakers and a relatively large area, people are often at a loss in the process of placing them, worrying about destroying their original decoration. Not beautiful enough, so many users are very concerned about the style of private theater speakers. What kind of private theater speaker style is suitable for their own?

1. Traditional floor-standing speakers

This is the most common way of placing speakers in private theaters. Private theaters were originally traditional floor-standing speakers. The shape was generally rectangular. The woofers were mostly large-caliber and elegant in appearance. They were usually used in the living room. They were usually placed on both sides of a traditional TV. A set of floor-standing speakers is also very impressive and high-end. At the same time, many brands have also introduced slim floor-standing speakers, which are more fashionable and trendy in appearance.

What kind of private cinema speakers are suitable for your home?

2 bookshelf speakers
Compared with floor-standing speakers, private theater bookshelf speakers have the advantages of smaller size, convenient placement, and accurate stereo image positioning. However, due to its small size, the woofer used is generally of a relatively small caliber, which greatly reduces its bass effect. However, this shortcoming can be compensated by improving the bass unit technology. Nowadays, the bass effect of some brands of bookshelf speakers is not even lost to that of floorstanding speakers. Usually suitable for a space environment such as a study room or a bedroom, a good-quality bookshelf speaker will definitely meet your needs.

3. Embedded speakers
The advantage of embedded speakers in private theaters is that they meet the needs of customized installation, and give people who don’t like to damage the original room decoration style because of the installation of speakers. At the same time, the acoustic design of embedded speakers has no back wave interference, and the sound is more precise and clean. It has advantages over traditional floor-standing speakers in terms of surround sound effects. It is suitable for basement private theater customization. It is recommended to find a formal professional audio-visual company, and it can also verify the technical level of the selected private theater company.
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