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The expressive power of a good speaker

2021-06-01 418
There are many kinds of speakers. High-end speakers have a very good effect on listening to music, while low-end speakers will be distorted. The sound field effect cannot be fully restored by playing music, which makes people feel that it is not that taste.

But not everyone understands music, and not everyone pursues the realistic effects of music. After all, pursuing the realistic effects of music audio-visual is to burn money, and a set of high-end audio systems can cost tens of thousands of yuan, which is not something that ordinary consumers can afford. If the average consumer buys a high-end headset, it is good, at least it can enhance the auditory perception, can hear clearly, and the effect is better. If you pursue the realistic effect of the overall restoration, you really don't have the financial resources. After all, no one is a music enthusiast.

The low-end speakers only had two small speakers, some of which were mono, and later there was a subwoofer. Two small tweeters equipped with a subwoofer can restore the high and low effects of the sound. Of course, the speakers equipped with a subwoofer are also divided into high, middle and low ranges. The high-end speakers are large and the subwoofer has good resonance effect; the low-end speakers are small, and the resonance of the subwoofer is good. The effect is not good. Later, there were 5.1-channel speakers and 7.1-channel speakers, which surrounded people and formed a highly restored sound field effect, which restored the high, middle and low frequency sounds in the music, giving people an immersive feeling. . Of course, there are also the big speakers carried by the eliminated power amplifiers. They are loud and have sufficient bass, but the multi-level restoration of the sound field is not well done. However, many people are not professional after all and can’t hear them. You can entertain yourself, or just eliminate it, buy a speaker with a subwoofer to listen to.

The expressive power of a good speaker

The quality of the speakers should be distinguished by the effect of restoring the sound field. A good speaker is a good speaker, and the price is high; a poor speaker is not a good speaker, and the price is not very high. If the sound field is well restored and sold for a low price, it is not the merchant dealing with the backlog or the second-hand goods, which is of course not a new product; if the speaker with poor sound field restoration is sold at a high price, it is not the merchant who fools the user, or the user himself.

Good speakers can let people close their eyes to listen and experience a multi-level and rich music experience, while bad speakers will only let people listen to the sound, but can't feel the real charm of music. If you are a music lover, you should buy a good speaker to listen to music. Don’t abuse your ears. If you really can’t afford it, buy a mid-range one. If you can’t afford a mid-range one, buy a better headset. Let the ears enjoy the feast of music.

The expressive power of a good speaker is so strong that it fascinates people when they hear it. Good music should be performed with good speakers, otherwise it will only ruin good music with bad speakers.
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