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What are the ways to prevent speakers from burning

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An important reason for the high-pitched sound of speakers is that the power of the power amplifier is too small, not too large. The signal sent by the power amplifier is a clipped signal, causing damage to the speaker. Therefore, when equipping speakers, you must establish a correct knowledge and use the "big horse-drawn cart" plan to prevent the power amplifier from sending out a clipped signal and damaging the high and mid-range speaker units.

When planning the loudspeaker system, the power amplifier and the loudspeaker's planning power plan should match the above criteria. In actual operation, the equipment in each link must be used reasonably to ensure that the equipment is protected and the loudspeaker system can achieve the best effect. To adjust the volume, many users set the attenuator of the power amplifier at -6dB, -10dB, that is, 70%-80% of the volume knob, or even the general direction, by increasing the mixer input To reach the right volume.

What are the ways to prevent speakers from burning

Think that the power amplifier has a margin, and the speaker is safe, in fact, this is also a fault. The attenuation knob of the power amplifier attenuates the input signal. If the input of the power amplifier is attenuated by 6dB, it means that to maintain equal volume, the mixer or pre-stage must output 6dB more, the voltage should be doubled, and the input The upper headroom, commonly known as "head space", will be cut in half.

At this time, if there is a sudden large signal, the output of the mixer will be overloaded 6dB early, showing a clipping waveform. Although the power amplifier is not overloaded, the input is a clipped waveform, the treble is too heavy, not only the treble is distorted, but the tweeter may also be burned out.
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