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Tell you the rules and requirements for the combination of speaker equipment and equipment

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There are certain rules to follow in the combination of speaker equipment and equipment. It is not a simple deployment. A lot of money is spent on high-end audio equipment. However, after the combination, the sound quality is not satisfactory. The sound quality is often unsatisfactory. Different brands of speaker devices have different sound characteristics. Brand devices have different sounds due to different levels, so it is not difficult to know how to deploy devices.

However, if you want to form a set of audio equipment that meets your own appreciation requirements in terms of sound within a specified price scale, it is not simple in the future. Generally speaking, the first consideration should be given to the equipment of audio equipment: balance, the signal source, amplifier, and speakers should be fundamentally common and coordinated at the level of all skills and functions, so that the overall quality is high.

Tell you the rules and requirements for the combination of speaker equipment and equipment

Complementary, from the point of view of sound quality reviews, the audio device combination should comply with "cold and warm complementary", "fast and slow adjustment", but this is not half of each to neutralize each other to avoid loss of characteristics. Practicability, do not blindly seek high-level audio components, do not deviate from the constraints of the practical listening environment and the ability to afford it. Combining sound quality that suits personal preferences based on practical conditions is the highest combination.

How to deploy a set of audio devices that suits your sense of hearing? First of all, you must be clear about your listening intentions, and confirm which type of sound you prefer, whether it is soft, sweet and beautiful, or the rhythm is weak and obvious. At the same time, you must also be clear about the type of music that the sound system usually plays, whether it is pop songs, light music, jazz or Classical symphonic music, so the selection will be targeted, and we can build a sound system that can meet our own requirements in terms of sound.
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