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What details should be considered when configuring speakers

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Consider the impact of the listening environment. The environment has a considerable influence on the speaker components. It is necessary to consider this aspect when selecting components. For example, the size of the listening room determines the size of the speaker, and the wall reflection in the listening room also plays a great role in the sound. The improvement of the sound environment will play a multiplier role in the improvement of sound effects and the smooth deployment of devices.

The purchase and deployment of speaker components should be based on a certain understanding of the characteristics of the components (including price unevenness, technical characteristics, sound characteristics, manufacturers, media and comments from experienced fans, etc.), and should not be based on rumors Perhaps Wang Po sells melon-style advertisements. If this is not possible, the selection will inevitably lead to blindness and even misguided purchase of the wrong device.

What details should be considered when configuring speakers

Expenditure should be clear to reduce the scale of selection, in order to find the right device within one's own ability. It should be purchased in the audition, which includes a single device and a complete set of devices. When auditioning a single device, you should choose a better quality device group for collaborative reference. If you want to audition and purchase an amplifier, you can use the same software and refer to the combination after listening.

Then put on the amplifier you want to buy, listen to it and compare the two amplifiers to understand their respective characteristics, and pick the one that satisfies you the most. You should also use the same method to audit other devices, and then combine the devices you are satisfied with. If you are not satisfied with the overall sound effect at the time, you can replace a certain device in between until the overall sound effect is satisfied and stop. In fact, the process of the device audition This is the process of device deployment.
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