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Specific introduction and structure of wall-mounted speakers

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Wall-mounted speakers, also known as wall-mounted speakers, are composed of audio source input devices, signal amplifiers (power amplifiers) and wall-mounted speakers, and are a complete sound system. Wall-mounted speaker: It is a kind of ultra-thin speaker with a useful combination of rock paintings and speakers. It can also be called a flat-panel speaker. The sounding principle of the wall-mounted speaker: the zigzag wave in the sounding board is excited by the agitator (drive body) to produce sound.

We know that speakers are an integral part of audio, but audio is composed of power amplifiers, peripheral equipment (including compressors, effects, equalizers, VCD, DVD, etc.), speakers (speakers, speakers), mixers, microphones, Display equipment, etc. add up to a complete system.

Specific introduction and structure of wall-mounted speakers

Wall-mounted speaker structure: driver. It is equivalent to the heart of a flat panel speaker. The key to the planning of the driver is that its useful stroke is very small, generally not exceeding 2m/m2; secondly, the voice coil part should not be too heavy, otherwise the high-frequency part will have more severe distortion. The planning requires light weight, small volume, and large magnetic force. Based on the above factors, we use high-magnetic materials. Generally, the magnetic flux density should be greater than 10,000 Gauss, to have better expressive power.

Sometimes in order to improve the output, two drivers or four drivers are used to increase the output sound pressure, and multiple drivers can be used to obtain a better frequency response curve. As for the use of several drivers, it depends on the size of the oscillating plate. Towic uses high-tech smart triggers to ensure the safety of the products while ensuring the high-quality sound quality of the products.
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