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When there is noise in the speaker, what method should be used to eliminate it

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There are many situations that can cause noise in the computer audio, such as the speaker being disturbed, the interface or the connection line is not well connected, the audio itself is of poor quality, and so on. Generally speaking, computer audio is mostly active speakers, and there must be an amplifier inside, so noise is inevitable. The noise of active speakers can be roughly divided into electromagnetic interference, mechanical noise and thermal noise according to the origin.

Electromagnetic disturbance can be mainly divided into power transformer disturbance and stray electromagnetic wave disturbance. Generally speaking, the disturbance of the power transformer is caused by the magnetic leakage of the power supply of the multimedia speaker. The effect of installing a shielding cover for the transformer under the conditions permits is very significant, which can prevent the magnetic leakage to the greatest extent, and the shielding cover can only be used Manufacturing of iron-type materials. We should try our best to choose products with big brands and thick materials. In addition, using external transformers is also a good solution.

When there is noise in the speaker, what method should be used to eliminate it

Stray electromagnetic interference is more common. Speaker wires, crossovers, wireless devices, or computer hosts can all become sources of interference. Keep the main speaker as far away from the host computer as possible under the agreed conditions, and reduce the peripheral wireless equipment. Mechanical noise is unique to active speakers. During the operation of the power transformer, the sensation of the iron core caused by the alternating magnetic field will cause mechanical noise, which is very similar to the buzzing sound announced by the fluorescent lamp ballast.

Choosing good quality products is still the best way to prevent such noise. In addition, we can add a rubber damping layer between the transformer and the fixed plate. It should be noted that if the potentiometer is used for a long time, there will be poor contact between the metal brush and the diaphragm due to dust accumulation and wear, and noise will occur when rotating.
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