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What method can be used to discuss the sound quality of the audio

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Talking about the sound quality of audio, it can be measured from the following aspects. Clarity. The beautiful sound quality is very clear, with good transparency, and every word can be heard clearly. Fullness. Medium and low voices are abundant, and high pitches are moderate. If the reverberation time is short, especially the reverberation time of the low frequency band is shorter than that of the mid frequency band, its fullness will not be too good; the output frequency characteristic of the audio system is poor, and the mid-low sound is lacking, such a sound will appear Thin and weak, not full.

What method can be used to discuss the sound quality of the audio

Sense of balance. Refers to the left and right speakers, the output power share between the main speaker and the auxiliary speaker is harmonious and correct in phase. The consistency of the left and right channels of stereo is good, and the sound image is normal. If the sound image is sometimes deviated and not harmonious, it is not good sound quality.

A sense of environment. The sound has a good sense of space, and the whole feels expressive. It is most appropriate to describe good sound quality with empathy. Loudness. In terms of loudness, good sound quality sounds suitable and comfortable.
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