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What details should we pay attention to when using speakers

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The speaker is indeed a kind of equipment that does not simply show faults. As the saying goes, it is good and prepared. If you can do daily protection and maintenance in the process of using the speaker, you can at least delay the service life of the speaker and let yourself use it more. Be comfortable. Today's editor will let us understand the daily protection method of speakers: dust prevention is the key.

In the process of using speakers, many of the defects are often not caused by the speakers themselves. For example, problems such as dust, moisture resistance, and placement will cause problems with the speaker. In normal use, you should pay attention to these problems. Dust has always been the natural enemy of power amplifiers. Many powers often neglect the huge lethality caused by dust in the process of long-term use, but sooner or later, disasters will happen.

What details should we pay attention to when using speakers

Many friends will ask that the speakers are designed in a closed design, how can dust enter the cabinet? I have to say that this is actually a kind of not comprehensive knowledge. Although the speakers have adopted a sealed design, some brands of speakers with an independent subwoofer have the connection cable between the satellite box and the subwoofer, which is clamped on by the pins on the cabinet.

If a lot of dust enters here, the connection between the speaker cable and the speaker will not be smooth, which will directly affect the sound quality of the broadcast. I believe this is also a job that many friends have encountered. Although the speaker is a sealed structure, the inside of the speaker is not completely free from dust. When dust enters the cabinet, the most difficult to clean is the speaker unit. If you don't pay attention, the speaker will break. The timing of cleaning is appropriate. Pay attention.
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