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What changes will happen to Amazon store registration and operation in 2021

2021-02-04 729
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Near the end of the new year, many service providers began to make the last wave of gold, various exaggerated propaganda, and misled new sellers. In the past two days, several new sellers asked me: Will registering for an Amazon store after the year will affect the pass rate? Under normal circumstances, the best time to enter Amazon is from January to June each year. After April, there will be a small number of second trials. Judging from the current situation, registration after the year will not affect the pass rate.

However, it needs to be emphasized that the review method for registering Amazon stores may have relatively large changes next year. Sellers with more than 2 years of operating experience know that the no-source mode once flourished in Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi and other places. You can do Amazon without stocking up. From a young age, this model is actually pitting sellers. When it grows up, it affects the shopping experience of Amazon users and is an invisible harm to the Amazon platform. Imagine that when the no-source model is rampant, buyers need more than 15 days to deliver a product, and the product quality and after-sales service are not guaranteed at all. How much harm is it to buyers?

For this kind of behavior, Amazon is bound to crack down. As a result, at the beginning of 2020, Amazon's operating policy began to tilt towards branding, and the uploading of products became more and more strict. This completely cut off the no-source model of running shops for a living.

What changes will happen to Amazon store registration and operation in 2021

The same is true for Amazon store registration. Batch registration has led to a flood of low-quality accounts. Amazon has begun to strengthen the review of registration information, and many newly registered stores have failed to pass the review. With high standards and strict requirements, it is difficult to find Amazon's No. 1 store, and the market is getting bigger and bigger. In 2020, Zeshui received calls from no less than 10 service providers requesting cooperation to register Amazon stores. They are responsible for producing information, and the Zeshui team is responsible for registration. But in the end all refused without exception. The reason is that these materials are very bad, and some are even software-generated materials. Such Amazon stores will be reviewed or frozen soon after registration.

For the Zeshui team to register an Amazon store, the first thing to do is to review the seller's qualifications to ensure that he is a real and capable seller and can have a future in the Amazon store. In a word, we strive for refinement, not quantity. Therefore, our registration pass rate is about 100%.

Because we know that powerful sellers are what Amazon needs. In the near future, Amazon will inevitably crack down on service providers who register Amazon stores in batches. Judging from Zeshui's experience and the current registration situation, this blow will not come too late. There are three reasons:

1. Amazon operations have been branded, and the requirements for registered sellers to upload products are very strict. There is no reason not to raise the review standards for registered Amazon stores.

2. Starting from the second half of 2019, Amazon has begun to require self-registered sellers to verify their addresses and videos. Although it is now aimed at self-registered sellers, when this system is mature, it will inevitably be applied to all sellers, including sellers who register Amazon stores through the investment manager link.

3. Amazon needs more sellers to settle in, this is not wrong. But what it needs is high-quality sellers. Raising the review standards will help purify the Amazon market and eliminate low-quality sellers.

Finally, Zeshui suggested that you should register the Amazon store as early as possible, the sooner the better.
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