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From what aspects should we judge the sound system of the speaker system

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The primary technical goal of judging the sound of the speaker system and personal experience to judge the sound of the speaker: The overall technical goals of the speaker system are good or bad, depending on the quality of each unit's own function, if the technology of each unit in the system If the goals are high, then the technical goals of the entire system are good. There are six main technical goals: frequency response, signal-to-noise ratio, dynamic scale, distortion, transient response, stereo separation, and stereo balance.

From what aspects should we judge the sound system of the speaker system

Frequency response: The so-called frequency response refers to the frequency scale of the audio equipment when it is reproduced, and the relationship between the fluctuation of the sound wave and the frequency. Generally, the detection of this target refers to the frequency fluctuation of 1000 Hz, and the logarithm is used to indicate the frequency fluctuation in decibel (dB). The overall frequency of the sound system responds to the theoretical requirement of 20-20000 Hz. In actual use, it is often unable to meet the requirement due to the circuit structure and the quality of the components.

But generally it must reach at least 32-18000Hz. The frequency response scale refers to the scale of the replayable sound frequency band of the speaker, which is generally indicated by Hz~kHz. Because the limit of the human ear's audible frequency is 20Hz~20kHz, as the age increases, the human ear's hearing will drop to about 25Hz~16kHz. Therefore, as a pair of excellent speakers, its frequency response scale is of course necessary to reach or exceed this scale.
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