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What are the environmental factors that affect speaker playback

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Usually when appreciating the sound quality of a set of speakers, the most important thing is the hardware elements such as electronic devices, speakers, wires, etc. In fact, there are many other factors that are not easy to be discovered by us. For example: the sound feedback of the speakers, the external sensation, and the listening environment. Acoustic characteristics of resonant, listening room. Horn response.

When broadcasting speakers, the sound waves announced by the speakers will cause a sensation on the wall, roof, and ground, and even some of them will directly or directly impact the speaker components. These sensations go through different channels; for example, speaker racks, air, etc., at different speeds and speeds. The intensity is fed back to the device successively, causing a sensation in the device and resonating itself, causing a wonderful electronic flow change in the electronic circuit of the operating audio system, which changes the sound, making the sound slightly vague and forming subtle distortions.

What are the environmental factors that affect speaker playback

The resonance characteristics of the environment: the object has its own resonant frequency depending on the material, shape, and size. When external oscillation energy is applied to the object, if the frequency is equal to or close to its resonant frequency, the object will vigorously oscillate simultaneously Become resonance. Is there any way to eliminate or lower the natural resonance of the listening room so that its frequency response appears flat, so that the speaker system has an excellent sound?

This is because the physical properties of the object cannot be eliminated but can only be weakened. For example, it is easier to deal with resonance in a rectangular room, while standing waves in a square room are particularly difficult to deal with. External sensation factors: If the listening room is near the road, factory, construction site, elevator room, pump room, etc., it is very simply disturbed by noise or ultra-low frequency, and the sound of the speaker device is ambiguous due to the sensation.
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