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Where does the speaker noise (noise floor) come from and how to eliminate it?

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1. The definition of noise
There are many types of noise, and the causes and performance are also different. Therefore, it is necessary to classify the noise. Below, we will classify the common noises in several audio devices, and briefly describe their causes and solutions.

01 white noise
White noise is a kind of random noise in the whole frequency domain. It sounds like a continuous "hiss" sound, similar to the sound when the TV has no signal to play snowflakes.

White noise is usually generated by the gain device or power amplifier in the equipment. If the volume is adjusted too high, it is easy to produce obvious background noise. At this time, you need to check the output volume of the sound card, software, and speakers to ensure that no overload occurs in each link.
PS: High-sensitivity microphones, such as condenser microphones, can pick up noises that are almost inaudible to human ears in the room environment, such as air conditioning, outdoor noise, wind noise, etc. Don't ignore the influence of environmental noise when recording.

02 Digital distortion
Digital distortion tends to make a harsh "buzzing" sound, which really doesn't sound like the sound in nature. Generally speaking, it will vary according to the process used by the computer. For example, when using different software or effects, the digital distortion will also change.
Digital distortion is generally caused by some problems with the sound card, or the monitor speakers are connected to the same socket as the computer. Ensure that the power supply of your monitor speakers or other playback devices (such as monitor controllers) and other digital devices such as computers are connected to separate power outlets. Or use a reliable quality power adapter.

Where does the speaker noise (noise floor) come from and how to eliminate it?

03 feedback whistle
Feedback is usually due to the microphone being too close to the speaker, the microphone will pick up the sound of the speaker and cause self-excitation. At this time, there will be a harsh high-frequency howling, and when watching some small bands perform tuning, there will often be howling.
When recording, wear headphones instead of the monitor speakers to monitor, so that the microphone will not pick up the speaker sound and self-excited. When you do not have the conditions to use headphones for performances or performances, you can stay away from the speakers and reduce the microphone gain.

04 Crackling noise
These sounds can generally be divided into the following two types:
One is the random distribution of crackling sounds, the most likely cause is the parameter setting of the software. Increase the buffer size (Buffer Size) should be able to get it.
The second is a rhythmic crackle, such as a crackle once every half a second. This may be caused by damage to the sound card or improper installation of the driver.

Such crackling noises are often caused by incompatible software or drivers of the sound card. For example, the Buffer Size is set too low, Bluetooth or wireless devices are connected to the system, or the software compatibility is not good. You can check the software compatibility of the sound card on the official website to see if your computer does not meet the minimum requirements for the sound card.
If this kind of noise is coming from your speakers, you can try to unplug the speakers and plug in the earphones to determine where the noise is coming from.
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