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Amazon operations QA highlights

2021-02-03 634
Q1754: Why did Amazon suddenly launch a new policy for payment service providers?
According to Amazon's official statement, it is to further improve the ability to detect, prevent and deal with non-compliance, so as to protect consumers and sellers from fraud and other violations.

Q1755: Which payment service providers currently have joined Amazon's "Payment Service Provider Program"?

Currently, there are Wanlihui, Paianying, PingPong, Lianlian Pay, and the official Amazon global collection.

Amazon operations QA highlights

Q1756: The third-party payment account I currently use is already in the Amazon Payment Service Provider Program. What else do I need to do?
If you choose a payment service provider that has participated in this plan, you do not need to take any action.

Q1757: If the third-party collection platform I use is not one of those announced by Amazon, do I need to change it immediately?
If you don’t need to replace it immediately, just replace it before May 31, 2021. And it is understood that other collection platforms are also actively applying to Amazon, maybe they will join before May 31.

Q1758: What happens if sellers continue to use payment service providers that have not participated in the program after May 31, 2021?
After May 31, 2021, if the seller continues to use the account provided by the payment service provider that does not participate in the plan, the fund reservation period will be extended, up to 21 days after the estimated delivery date.
This means that the time for payment will be lengthened, and the seller's capital turnover will be much slower.

Q1759: What happens if the third-party collection platform I am using has not been added to the payment service provider plan?
Starting from July 15, 2021, Amazon will stop paying sellers who use payment service providers that are not participating in this program.

Q1760: If the seller is using Amazon's global collection service, what needs to be done?
Amazon's global collection service is officially launched by itself. If you are using Amazon's global collection service, your sales will go directly to your account directly opened in a domestic bank in China, so you don't need to take any action.

Q1761: How can I determine whether my third-party collection account will join Amazon's payment service provider program?
You can go to the official website of the corresponding platform to find customer service for consultation, or contact your account manager to ask.

Q1762: If I switch the receiving account now, will the second review of the account be triggered?
You can open a case first to explain that you are changing to a payment plan service provider, and you can switch after the customer responds to you.

Q1763: What should I do if I want to switch the receiving account?
It can be operated through [Settings]-[Account Information]-[Deposit Method]-[Replacement Deposit Method] in the background.
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