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Is CCC certification mandatory for Bluetooth headset speakers?

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With the rapid development of the information age, more and more new electronic products appear in people's lives. At present, Bluetooth headsets are widely used by the masses. In the current Bluetooth headset market, a variety of products are available, and they are dazzling in major stores, giving the impression that the market for Bluetooth headsets is saturated. However, in fact, the golden age of Bluetooth headsets has not yet arrived, and the market has not yet become popular. However, with the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, how can suppliers of Bluetooth headsets go further and further in the industry of Bluetooth headsets?

At this time, we need to mention the quality testing of Bluetooth headsets and the CCC testing and certification of Bluetooth headsets.

There is no need for CCC certification for Bluetooth headsets?

First of all, we need to understand what is CCC certification. CCC certification is 3C certification. The full name of 3C certification is "Compulsory Safety Certification". The full English name is China Compulsory Certification, abbreviated as CCC. The so-called 3C certification is China's compulsory product safety certification system, a product conformity assessment system implemented by the Chinese government in accordance with laws and regulations to protect consumers' personal safety and national security, strengthen product quality management. It has played a huge role in ensuring health and safety, improving environmental quality, improving the quality of economic operations and the people's living standards.

In December 2001, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued the "Management System for Compulsory Product Certification", which replaced the original imported product safety and quality licensing system and the electrical product safety certification system with the compulsory product certification system. And the products listed in the "Product Catalog for Implementing Compulsory Products" include household appliances, information technology equipment, lighting equipment, audio and video equipment, telecommunications terminals, electric tools, low-power motors, wires and cables, toys and other products. Mobile phone products belong to the 19 categories of the 3C inspection catalog, so CCC certification is required. Obtaining CCC certification can gain the trust of consumers to a large extent, and the products can be sold more smoothly in the market. CCC certification is equivalent to a promise to consumers and a kind of integrity.

CCC certification application process and schedule:

1. Sign a contract with our company and provide application materials (for the materials to be prepared, see the next page), our company will help organize the materials, pre-test the samples, and make corrections within 5 working days.

2. Submit the application materials to Beijing CQC online, and obtain the application number after approval: 1 working day.

3. Send samples to the national laboratory for testing until the test report is obtained: about 10-20 working days.

4. After completing the test, settle the laboratory's formal experiment fee (the formal experiment fee is subject to the receipt notice issued by the national testing laboratory. The company will directly pay to the national account).

Is CCC certification mandatory for Bluetooth headset speakers?

5. The test report is sent to Beijing CQC for review, and after the review is passed, the factory inspection notice is issued to the Shenzhen CQC branch center, and the time is 10 working days.

6. Formal factory inspection for 1 day. (Before the factory inspection, our engineers will go to the factory to do relevant factory inspection materials, and our engineers will also accompany them during the factory inspection)

7. Send the qualified factory inspection report to Beijing CQC: 2 working days, and wait for 5 working days for the Beijing CQC issuing authority to issue the CCC certificate (the factory inspection and Beijing CQC related expenses must be settled during the report review)

8. After you find the CCC certificate number online, your company can pay the balance of the agency fee. After the fee is settled, our company will deliver the original certificate to your company.

Documents to be prepared for CCC certification:

One: Application form (must be in Chinese and English, provided by our company and filled by the customer)

Two: Instructions for consistency (provided by our company, sealed by the customer)

Three: Explanation of the difference of models when applying for series (provided by our company, sealed by the customer)

Four: Product manual in Chinese

Five: the nameplate of the product

Six: circuit diagram, schematic diagram

Seven: List of key components

Eight: Business license and organization code

Nine: 3 samples

Ten: Factory inspection survey form (provided by our company, filled in and stamped by the customer)

CCC certification process

1. Application for certification

2. Type test

3. Factory inspection

4. Assessment and certification

5. Application for the use of certification mark

6. Supervision after certification
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