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Talking about the uniqueness of Bluetooth small speakers

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Recently, a friend came to play at home and was very curious when he saw the small bluetooth speaker on the desktop. He asked, "What are you? I didn't see the cable or the USB flash drive. How do you play music?" Yes, for no Friends who know Bluetooth speakers will learn to feel very strange. What is the transmission of this sound? It's not bad, the sound is moderately loud, and the timbre is okay. I said on the spot that I also want such a small Bluetooth speaker.

As the mainstream audio equipment of the moment, Bluetooth small speakers are used by more friends, but there are still a small number of people who do not understand Bluetooth small speakers. Here Lily will give everyone a popularization of the uniqueness of Bluetooth small speakers.

Transmission distance: Bluetooth as a transmission technology has developed quite maturely. The Bluetooth version currently in use is mostly Bluetooth 4.2. The transmission distance is generally 10 meters, which happens to be the distance of a room, which is quite convenient during use.

Talking about the uniqueness of Bluetooth small speakers

A wide range of applicable devices: Bluetooth technology is a globally unified technology, mobile phones, laptops, cars, etc., as long as the devices equipped with Bluetooth function can be easily paired successfully, using Bluetooth small speakers.

Simple operation: As an instant technology, Bluetooth technology is very simple to operate. You only need to find the switch to turn on the Bluetooth small speaker and pair the Bluetooth of the mobile phone successfully, and then you can use the small Bluetooth speaker easily.

The transmission speed is also very good: the Bluetooth 4.2 transmission protocol has obvious advantages in speed, the transmission speed is also faster, and the faster speed can guarantee higher sound quality.
The above points are the main characteristics of the wide application of Bluetooth small speakers. Pay attention to the above features and at the same time pay attention to the excellent decisions made by Bluetooth speakers in speaker selection and chip selection. Bluetooth small speakers are a good audio device to accompany you.
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