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Analysis of the characteristics of Bluetooth small speakers

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Bluetooth speakers are audio equipment that we all know very well. According to the size of Bluetooth speakers, they can be divided into large and small. Although small Bluetooth speakers are not as loud as large Bluetooth speakers, they are because of their unique portability. Sexuality and portability are favored by more outdoor sports enthusiasts. You can see Bluetooth small speakers at home or outdoors, and the sound quality of Bluetooth small speakers can also meet the needs of ordinary users. Maybe this is the reason why Bluetooth small speakers are popular! In addition to good portability, what other advantages does the Bluetooth speaker have?

Transmission distance: The general Bluetooth transmission distance is 10 meters, which is the distance of a general house. If you are indoors, you can hear the sound of Bluetooth speakers no matter where you are in the house. If you are outdoors, the sound of the small Bluetooth speaker can be heard. Diffusion, the sound may not be that big, but it can satisfy us to listen to music at any time.

Analysis of the characteristics of Bluetooth small speakers

Wireless transmission, without wires, is more comfortable. Compared with traditional speakers, Bluetooth small speakers have no wire constraints, avoid wire entanglement, and listen more freely.

Price advantage, do you know? After several years of development, Bluetooth speakers have greatly improved both in appearance and function, and have made a leap in quality. It is no longer the general sound quality in people’s impressions, but in terms of price. On the other hand, due to the improvement of technology and the increase in production volume, the price has also been greatly reduced. You can buy a small Bluetooth speaker with relatively good sound quality and appearance for only a hundred yuan.

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