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What are the main considerations for purchasing portable Bluetooth speakers?

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Music revolves around our lives, and with the company of music, life will always be more joyful. Whether you are the elderly or the young, listening to music in their free time has become a hobby and a habit of everyone. When going out on holidays, they always like to bring a portable Bluetooth speaker to share music with family or friends.

A good music experience can beautify our mood, so what kind of portable Bluetooth speakers can better serve us?

First of all, we understand that portable Bluetooth speakers should not be too large for easy portability. This places certain restrictions on the speakers and power of the speakers. How can we get high-quality portable Bluetooth speakers with limited size and power? With the development of technology, the sound quality of general Bluetooth speakers is relatively good. Through general auditory discrimination, you can easily select a portable Bluetooth speaker that suits you. Portable Bluetooth speakers with good sound quality generally sound warm, soft, clean and transparent.

What are the main considerations for purchasing portable Bluetooth speakers?

Secondly, choose a portable Bluetooth speaker with a higher Bluetooth audio version. The Bluetooth versions on the market currently mainly include 3.0, 4.0, 4.2, 5.0. The higher the Bluetooth version, the better the transmission distance and transmission effect of the portable Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth compatibility It will be stronger. The efficient and stable Bluetooth version is an important guarantee for the sound effect of portable Bluetooth speakers.

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Finally, look at the battery capacity. The battery capacity determines the battery life of the portable Bluetooth speaker. The larger the battery capacity, the longer the battery life will be. However, the larger the battery capacity, the larger the volume may be, which will bring trouble to carrying. There is a trade-off between battery life and volume. Generally, a 800mAh 3W portable Bluetooth speaker can be heard for 4-5 hours.
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