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How much is a portable bluetooth speaker

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Portable Bluetooth speakers capture the hearts of most music lovers with their strong portability. Whether outdoors or indoors, portable Bluetooth speakers can always shock your hearing. When you are doing morning exercises, running, or walking, Still stopping to breathe in the forest, accompanied by a brisk music, can always wake up the whole body's vitality, ready to meet new challenges. So how much is the appropriate portable Bluetooth speaker?


How much is a portable bluetooth speaker

Generally, a portable Bluetooth speaker is composed of a shell, a chip, and a speaker. The core components that determine the quality of a portable Bluetooth speaker are the Bluetooth chip and the speaker. The price of the portable Bluetooth speaker is determined by the core components. With the development of technology and the extensive use of Bluetooth chips, the price of Bluetooth chips has dropped a lot. Just as the cost of mobile phones was very expensive in the past, and there are very few people who can use mobile phones, but now the people who use mobile phones are very common. This is mainly because The cost of mobile phone core chips has been reduced a lot. The extensive use of Bluetooth chips has reduced the price of portable Bluetooth speakers a lot.
Next, talk about portable Bluetooth speakers. Speakers are the key to determining the sound quality of portable Bluetooth speakers. For Bluetooth speakers with general sound quality, the requirements for speakers will not be too high, so the price of speakers will not be very high.
A hundred portable Bluetooth speakers on the market are of good quality
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