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Precautions for purchasing speakers

2021-05-18 348
Precautions for initial purchase of speakers
Some consumers couldn't resist the temptation of low-cost speakers and the advocacy of merchants and bought low-quality speakers. In fact, poor-quality speakers are not only harmful to people's health, but also music distortion. Experts remind that when buying speakers, you should pay attention to: Bluetooth speaker manufacturers
1. Sound quality effect. The sound quality of the speakers is the primary consideration and can be said to be the top priority. Is it useful to have a good-looking speaker and poor sound quality? When buying, you should choose speakers with wide frequency response, moderate power, standard impedance, large dynamic range, heavy and robust cabinets, strong analytical power and high fidelity.
2. Speaker cable. The speaker cable is also called the fever cable, which connects the power amplifier and the speaker. In view of the fact that most of the current home theater coefficients use speakers with a rated power of about 80w-200w, it is more suitable for consumers to buy a multi-strand oxygen-free copper fever cable with a cross-sectional area of about 2.5 to 5 square millimeters, which is economical and affordable. .
3. The relationship between the listening space and the rated sufficiency of speakers. Before buying speakers, you can consult the merchant to calculate how much power speakers to use based on factors such as the size of your space, your listening requirements, and the decorative characteristics of the space. Remind you that if the business does not calculate it means that it is not professional.
4. The power of the power amplifier. When purchasing speakers, the impedance of the matched power amplifier should be the same as that of the speakers, and the rated power of the power amplifier should be 1.5-2 times the power of the speakers. Speaker wholesale

5. The size and structure of the speaker. The size of the box should be coordinated with the space and also related to your aesthetic interest. If you like a smaller cabinet, pay attention to the structure of the speaker. Different structures have different styles and different efficiency.

Precautions for purchasing speakers

Many people are entangled with the question of how to buy Bluetooth speakers. The author will introduce several methods below. 1. The biggest buying point of Bluetooth speakers is to play music wirelessly. The Bluetooth version is related to the quality of the Bluetooth speakers. The higher the Bluetooth version, the more the Bluetooth speaker. Power saving, the longer the effective distance, the stronger the Bluetooth compatibility. The current version of Bluetooth speakers is from the earliest
From 1.1 to later, it is 2.0, 2.1, 3.0; I heard that 4.0 is coming out soon, wait and see.
2. Speaker power: This involves the power of the speaker amplifier and the speaker. Under the same conditions, the higher the power, the better the sound; of course, it also depends on the ability of the speaker, such as some small speakers. If its power is too high, the speaker will be "not honest" when playing music, and it likes to jump, which is what people often say that the speaker can dance, so many manufacturers stick a layer of silicone pad or other things under the small speaker to make it. Does not bounce, but also increases the appearance of the speaker. 3. Speaker: When it comes to speakers, it's more complicated, internal magnetic speakers or external magnetic speakers, paper cones or other, speaker structure, speaker power, impedance, etc. It is generally difficult for non-professionals to know, and there is no such requirement for speaker sound quality. Gao generally doesn't pay attention to these.
4. Listening: listening to the sound quality of the speakers, whether there is noise, whether it is easy to break the sound, whether it is distorted, whether the sound sounds uncomfortable (the speakers with poor sound quality will feel very noisy after listening for a long time), bass and Is the high pitch reflected, etc.? Try to use different songs as much as possible during audiovisual, and the downloaded songs are best to use genuine ones. Many music files on the Internet have been processed, which is very different from the genuine music, and don't increase the volume too much during the audition.
(This applies to any speaker)
5. Speaker cabinet material: In the past, we paid more attention to this. Everyone thought that the wooden cabinet was better than any metal or plastic. Of course, this is also true. However, with the research of the speaker cabinet, the metal, plastic and other materials are now The body can also achieve the same effect as the wooden box. Unless it is very professional and requires very high sound quality, the wooden box must be used.
 6. Craftsmanship: With the development of the times, the craftsmanship of speakers has attracted more and more attention. Your speakers have no advantage in sound quality, but if the craftsmanship is well done and beautifully done, it can also be favored by the masses. The above views may have some loopholes or defects. I hope that friends can give better opinions or suggestions. Welcome to express your own views or opinions.
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