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The main difference between professional KTV audio and home video K audio

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The difference between professional KTV audio and home video K audio is that they are used in different situations.

Household video K speakers are generally used for home indoor playback. They are characterized by delicate and soft sound, more delicate and beautiful appearance, not high playback sound pressure level, relatively low power consumption, and small sound transmission range. The continuous working time is shorter than that of professional places, and the equipment loss is smaller.

Professional audio generally refers to professional entertainment venues such as mass-marketing KTV, karaoke halls, theaters, conference rooms and stadiums. According to different venues, different sound requirements, venue size and other factors, different venues are configured. Sound system solutions.

General professional audio has high sensitivity, high playback sound pressure, good power, and high power. Compared with home audio, its sound quality is harder and its appearance is not very delicate. However, the performance of monitor speakers in professional audio is similar to that of home audio, and their appearance is generally more exquisite and compact, so this type of monitor audio is often used in home Hi-Fi audio systems.

Home video K audio configuration

1. Song library and movie library: the source of KTV songs and movies. VOD and Internet film and television software are commonly used in home systems.

2. Amplification equipment: In order to effectively launch the loudspeaker to produce sound, the signal output by the audio source generally needs to be amplified. The current common amplifying equipment is an AV amplifier. For the entire family that requires a relatively high sound field atmosphere, relatively professional power amplifiers will be used.

3. Sound reproduction equipment: the sound box, the performance of which will directly affect the singing and listening effects.

4. Connection line: including the connection line from the audio source to the power amplifier and the connection line from the power amplifier to the speaker.

The main difference between professional KTV audio and home video K audio

The distinction of sound quality

The sound quality of the speaker is very important. The sound quality determines the overall effect of KTV and its impact on people's body and mind. The ancients pay attention to: ruling the world with etiquette and music is to cultivate people's temperament with good sound quality and good sound field effect. It makes people's mood reach a harmonious state, and people's body and mind are simultaneously sublimated in health. Therefore, the quality of sound is like the quality of people's health.

Good sound quality gives people an immersive feeling. This feeling is a touch from the depths of the soul, from the most authentic part of the person, and the feeling it brings to people is the shock of the soul.

Audio equipment requirements

The ultimate goal of the home video K sound system is to get the ideal singing and movie effects, such as the sound effects of a movie theater at home. But the family is different from the movie theater. Therefore, the acoustic effects required to appreciate the sound of films of different natures are different. For singing, it is required to correctly restore the human voice, so that the singers can sing easily and comfortably. , Requires a sense of presence and envelopment with sound effects. In addition to the relatively high requirements for equipment, the high-end home video K audio system has a very important relationship with its installation and debugging.

Professional KTV audio equipment has high requirements for users, has a good understanding of the function and use of various equipment, has professional theoretical knowledge, accurate listening ability, strong debugging level, and emphasizes fault diagnosis and troubleshooting capabilities. . A reasonably designed professional KTV audio system should not only focus on the design and debugging of the electro-acoustic system, but should consider the actual sound propagation environment and perform precise on-site tuning in it. Therefore, the difficulty lies in the design and debugging of the system. debugging.
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