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Different countries' speaker culture

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Many people regard audio equipment as purely technical electronic products measured by indicators, just like cold instruments. actually not. Although the belly of audio equipment is filled with cold, lifeless electronic components, although the specifications of audio equipment are full of "Technical Specifications" expressed in numbers, the audio is used to replay "music". "(Music), not "Sound". Sound is a rational and non-emotional word. Although Music uses Sound to express and uses Sound as a medium, Music conveys human emotions and thoughts. Therefore, behind the audio equipment designed to replay Music, there is culture. , Which embodies the designer's understanding of music and "bel canto". It is not difficult for us to verify and appreciate the culture and aesthetics behind the audio from the audio equipment of European and American countries.

Italians belong to the enthusiastic and romantic Latin nation. They like luxurious, complicated, and fancy design and decoration artistically, and they pay attention to external sensory enjoyment. Therefore, among the furniture of European and American countries, Italian-style furniture looks the most magnificent and luxurious, full of various curves, floral decorations and exquisite details. Its beauty is directly appealing to the eyes, and it is unpretentious at all. Italian brand-name speakers Sonus Faber, Chario and Opera are not only as luxurious and exquisite as agreed furniture, but the sound also fully reflects the Italians' pursuit of bel canto: enthusiasm, full-bodied, and sensual. In terms of pure fever spirit, I think the sound of most beautiful speakers made in Italy is obviously beautified and unreal, but this reflects the Italians' unremitting pursuit of Bel Canto and perceptual beauty.

The French, like the Italians and the Spaniards, belong to the Latin family. However, due to the influence of different historical cultures, the French also admire lightness and subtlety while also admiring the beauty of the senses, instead of pursuing luxury and style like the Italians. Therefore, French audio equipment, such as JM Lab, Micromega, and YBA, have the same obvious tone modification. Generally speaking, they are a bit less luxurious than Italian audio equipment, and have a bit more light and elegant Gaul. temperament.

In Germany, which advocates rationality, strength, and majesty, the cultural aesthetics has changed again, which is very different from the Latin Italians, France, and Spain. The character of German equipment is like that of Germans, rigorous, precise, simple, rational, and sometimes even to the edge of "skinny". You can notice that I used a few descriptive words: German "rigorous" corresponds to the "freedom" advocated by the Latin nation; German "precision" corresponds to the Latin nation's "modification"; German "simple" corresponds to Latin The "luxury" of the nation; and the famous "rationality" in Germany, of course, is also in contrast to the unique "sensibility" of the Latin nation.

Different countries' speaker culture

The appearance and sound of German equipment generally do not pursue "sensory beauty" or direct enjoyment of the senses. However, the general production craftsmanship and accurate and calm sound of precision instruments have their own supporters. Of course, it is not to say that German equipment only pays attention to precision without aesthetics. In fact, the sound of German equipment is also beautiful, but it is a deeper beauty, a more inner and simple beauty, which is different from the outer, magnificent and luxurious beauty of Italy. From the workmanship of high-end German equipment, it is meticulous, every detail, every screw, every seam is fine and perfect, which is impeccable, but this kind of workmanship is simple after all, and Italian equipment The workmanship that pursues floral decoration and appearance is completely different.

The same is true for the Swiss speakers, which are rich in high-end watches and famous for their precision machinery. They are designed and manufactured like precision instruments, and even the smallest details are not overlooked. The sound is exquisite and delicate and full of inner beauty. There are not many brands, only Goldmund and Revox. , Ensemble, Ergo, etc., but the pieces are all exquisite pieces, and each has its own style, which is very tasteful.

Friends who like furniture must know that the style of Danish furniture is a very representative school, and it is known for its simplicity (sometimes almost shabby). If compared to Italian and French furniture, German furniture is already very unpretentious, then Danish furniture is simply a typical artistic "Minimalism" (Minimalism). Due to the vast forests and developed wood industry, Denmark is not only famous for furniture production, but also for producing high-end speakers. From Dynaudio, Avance to SEK, its characteristics are basically the same: exquisite, calm, wide, fast, and dynamic. Generally speaking, they don't have the "smell" of Italian or British speakers, but are closer to the calmness of German equipment. I think this is not unrelated to the cold climate, clear air, and open geographical environment of this Nordic country.

"British Voice" and "American Voice" are well-known in the fever world, and are the most familiar genres among domestic enthusiasts. Its characteristics can be talked about by almost every enthusiast. I don’t think I need to repeat them here, but I think that the reason for the distinctive voice is the character of the people of the two countries, and the character, and Geography, climate, history and humanities are all closely linked. I have been to London, England, and I am more familiar with the United States. I think that in the United Kingdom, which has a heavy and long history, from the slightly outdated old buildings, from the small living space, it is always gloomy. In the weather, it is not difficult to explain why British equipment is always so small in size, so particular in style, so warm and thick, and the sound is so warm and thick, and it is in its own right. It is as clear as the German and Nordic equipment, but not as romantic and luxurious as the Italian equipment. Hiding in a small but old cabin, using a small LINN turntable, paired with a light and thin Rega amplifier, and pushing a very charming SPENDOR or ROGERS speaker is indeed a unique mood.

As for the United States, because it is a cultural hodgepodge, the origins of race and culture can be described as a collection of people from all corners of the world. It is more complicated and free than any country in the world. Basically any aesthetic style is available in the United States, and you can also find friends. Traditionally, American equipment is considered bold, rugged, low-frequency strength, large in size and weight, and powerful in appearance, but the appearance and sound are not as exquisite and delicate as European equipment. In fact, this comparison is exactly the style comparison between the American Symphony Orchestra and the European Symphony Orchestra. However, as I said earlier, the hodgepodge of American culture determines that it can accommodate a variety of completely different styles and aesthetic tastes.

For Japanese audio, Chinese audiophiles often have preconceptions. In the reviews of various magazines, there are always unintelligible but unintelligible things such as "radish flavor". In my opinion, the Japanese endow the audio equipment with the most technicality and put the most energy into the research and development of new technologies; some new amplifier circuits, digital technology, CD turntable structure, and ultra-wide frequency response tweeters are all Japanese. Made it out. It is also because of the emphasis on technology that Japanese equipment is the most "worthy", and the use of components and ICs is the most solid. Unlike some European equipment, which is expensive, but it is suspiciously simple. However, just like the Japanese Symphony Orchestra, which has impeccable skills and has been repeatedly ridiculed as "mechanical", Japanese equipment, due to excessive reliance on instrument tests and technical indicators, has insufficient awareness or level of the importance of subjective tuning of the human ear. It seems not as spiritual and individual as European equipment. Technically speaking, the work is beyond reproach, but if it is used to replay classical music and other things accumulated in European traditional culture, it will not be as charming as European equipment.

Of course, the above are only broad conclusions, specific to individuals, each has its own characteristics, and some equipment does not fully conform to the cultural characteristics of its own country. With the frequent international cultural exchanges, like other cultural fields, the general development trend of audio in various countries in recent years is: individuality and national characteristics tend to be weakened, and generally tend to be fast, broad, light, and dynamic so-called "modern sound". ". This is consistent with the popular trend of advocating efficient and high-speed modern culture represented by "fast food culture". However, in the pure Hi-Fi world, especially in the Hi-End field, each country and each brand still presents obvious individual characteristics, although it will be more or less affected by some "modern sounds" (such as the traditional British voice of the so-called so-called The change of "New British Voice" reflects this influence). This is of course a good thing. The so-called blooming of a hundred flowers and a hundred schools of thought contend, if the sound from any brand is the same, what fun is there to have a fever?
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