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What is a smart speaker?

2021-05-16 346
What is a smart speaker?
Simply put, this type of product has more human operations and functions, and it is not just as simple as a speaker. For example, the net frame that has gradually become popular recently has overturned the concept of traditional home speakers. You can use home speakers. The combination of wireless network connection, online music player, mobile phone control, and multi-room control provides users with a brand-new entertainment experience.

In order to find the entrance of smart products, we can see that both foreign and domestic companies such as Amazon, Tmall, JD, Himalaya, Xiaomi, etc. are doing the same thing. This is a smart speaker! It can be connected to smart appliances, small light bulbs, large refrigerator air conditioners at home, these smart appliances are connected to smart speakers, we can easily spread the smart speaker to the home command through dialogue, so as to control these smart appliances.

Not only that, smart speakers can also help us search, play songs, alarm clocks, tell jokes, etc. From these two points, we can see that with smart speakers as the center, people and smart devices as the entrance are the most suitable, so so many companies are rushing to do it!

What is a smart speaker?

Is smart audio worth buying?
Are smart speakers worth buying now? We can see that the smart speakers introduced by these companies are basically the first first-generation products. From the perspective of technical products, there will definitely be some shortcomings, but if you are very keen on smart devices, you don’t even care about smart speakers. The shortcomings of electric current, or you can start to feel that artificial intelligence brings a different life experience!
At present, one technology is the main voice recognition of smart speakers, and the speaker recognition intelligence must be accurate. We say that we can complete the commands accurately. Here is the best performance of Amazon smart speakers, but they can only communicate in English, which is not consistent. condition. Several domestic smart speakers in speech recognition are basically not much different, but their characteristics are different, such as Taobao and Jingdong’s broadcast content-rich specialty shopping in the Himalayas
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