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Which Bluetooth speaker is better?

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Do you really understand Bluetooth speakers? Jinherui tells you about the neglected 3 connotations of Bluetooth speakers. With the development of technology, various smart Bluetooth products have appeared one after another, such as Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth smart watches, Bluetooth speakers... . For young people who love music, they should pay more attention to Bluetooth speakers, so how did you choose? Will you judge the sound quality of the speakers and the version of Bluetooth? How to choose speakers for different scenarios?

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1. To distinguish the sound quality of speakers
1. The pitch of the sound, that is, the intensity and amplitude of the audio; 2. The pitch of the sound, that is the frequency of the audio or the number of changes per second; 3. The timbre of the sound, that is, the overtone or harmonic components of the audio. To judge the sound quality of an audio product, it is mainly to measure whether the above three aspects of the sound have reached a certain level. To be more popular, it is "three wrongs and three pairs." 1. A sharp voice is wrong; 2. A shrinking voice is wrong; 3. As long as the sound is deadly, it is wrong; 4. As long as the sound is sweet, it is right; 5. As long as the sound is full, it is right; 6. The loose sound is right.
In fact, everyone can simply judge the sound quality, as long as you remember the above points, any speaker will have a basic understanding in front of you.

Which Bluetooth speaker is better?

Bluetooth speaker manufacturers

Second, the version of Bluetooth

First of all, we first understand what Bluetooth is. The so-called Bluetooth technology is actually a short-range radio technology. The use of "Bluetooth" technology can effectively simplify the integration of mobile communication terminal devices such as handheld computers, notebook computers, and mobile phones. Inter-communication can also successfully simplify the communication between these devices and the Internet, so that the data transmission between these modern communication devices and the Internet becomes more rapid and efficient, and broadens the way for wireless communication. So far, Bluetooth has a total of V1.1/1.2/2.0/2.1/3.0/4.0 and other versions. At present, our most common version is V2.1+EDR/3.0/4.0. The three versions are defined as:

Compared to the 2.0 version, the speed is faster, and the theoretical transmission rate of the 2.1+EDR version can reach 2.1Mbps. And joined the "Sniff Subrating" technology. This technology saves power consumption by setting the sending interval of mutual confirmation signals between two devices. For hardware devices that need to continuously transmit data streams, such as keyboards and mice, this technology can extend battery life by up to 5 times.

Compared with the V2.1+EDR version, the theoretical data transmission rate of V3.0 has reached 24Mbps, which can be used for data transmission between high-definition TVs, laptops, tablets and printers. An enhanced power control mechanism is introduced to significantly reduce power consumption when idle.

The most important feature of Bluetooth 4.0 is power saving. The extremely low operating and standby power consumption of 4.0 can make a button battery work continuously for several years, and it has 3 milliseconds low latency, distance of more than 100 meters, AES-128 encryption and many other features. .

So obviously, when we choose Bluetooth speakers, we must choose the higher version of Bluetooth. Everyone should pay attention to this~

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Third, the classification of bluetooth speakers and the choice of speaker wholesale

Since Bluetooth speakers have been popular in the market, products for different application directions have appeared. Some are mainly for portable use, some are for outdoor use, and some are for home use. According to the size of the product, there have been three different products. One is a portable Bluetooth speaker that can be used with mobile phones to listen to music anytime and anywhere. This type of speaker is relatively small; the other is slightly larger but suitable for outdoor use. Bluetooth speakers used; there is another category of home Bluetooth speakers used indoors, including Bluetooth Apple speakers. That is, portable Bluetooth speakers, outdoor Bluetooth speakers, and home Bluetooth speakers. Three different Bluetooth speakers meet the listening needs of different fields.

Portable Bluetooth speaker: This type of speaker is characterized by small size and strong portability. Of course, it is also very suitable for outdoor use. Some sports Bluetooth speakers for outdoor use also belong to this category. However, these speakers are mainly mono speakers (single speaker unit), which are not suitable for home speakers, and are only suitable for personal listening in a small range. Portable bluetooth small speakers can be matched with smart mobile devices at any time. At present, the overall number of such Bluetooth speakers is quite large. With the strong demand for portable applications, this type of small speakers will have a large market in the future.

Outdoor Bluetooth speaker: This type of speaker is relatively large, the more common is the dual-speaker stereo Bluetooth speaker, the power of this type of speaker is generally not very large, and the more common shape is three-dimensional shape and long strip shape, and the appearance is relatively tough. The color is more common in black/grey; this kind of speakers can be used for outdoor cyclists, and square dance speakers are also a better choice.

Home Bluetooth speakers: Most of these Bluetooth speakers are single speakers, and some are dual speakers. The latter is more suitable for family gatherings and occasions where the indoor space is relatively large. In addition, they will be warmer in appearance, with white and blue colors. Or mainly pink, the popular local gold is also more common in furniture; it is medium in size and can be carried, but most of it is placed in the hall, bedroom, or study.

Do you really know Bluetooth speakers? Jinherui tells you about the neglected 3 points of Bluetooth speakers. Do you know more about Bluetooth speakers? In fact, no matter what occasion it is used, no matter what price it is, it’s most important to listen comfortably and feel suitable.

Home Bluetooth speakers:

In terms of space, the house is a closed space relative to the outside, which can form echoes. The hearing range of the human ear is 20Hz-20000Hz. The smaller the Hz value of the sound wave, the louder the sound, and the larger the Hz value, the smaller the sound. At this time, the frequency response range of the selected bluetooth speaker is almost 100Hz-20kHz. Such a bluetooth speaker not only satisfies the enjoyment of low sound and light sound, but also satisfies the high-sounding and explosive music.

Leisure Bluetooth speaker:

Companies, parks, cafes...When you are casual and office, you can come to light music, relax your mind, soothe your nerves, wireless Bluetooth calls, liberate your hands; TF card playback, listen to what you want; intimate voice reminders, status at any time; Mini and compact, with one hand. I think this is the right Bluetooth speaker for leisure and relaxation. It should bring you more convenience and a more comfortable leisure life.

Outdoor sports Bluetooth speakers:

Small and easy to carry, the soft case is bump-proof, and it is sealed against water. This is the "skill" that an outdoor sports Bluetooth speaker should have. If you are traveling and playing, you have enough necessities. No one wants to bear the burden, of course, the lighter the more. Good; climbing and wading, bumps and water are often inevitable. If Bluetooth speakers do not have these qualities, then after a trip, it is likely to bring back a scrapped speaker.

Therefore, when choosing a Bluetooth speaker, you should first consider what type you want. Don’t buy it if you think it’s cheap or refuse it if it’s expensive. When this product suits you, then it’s the best for you. Good Bluetooth speaker!
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